Gab x Tricia Prenup

It's always so electrifying to see what creative couples will come up with when it's their time to get married. Gab is a performer/artist while Tricia is a fashion/lifestyle blogger and jazz dancer.  We can only imagine how their brains and hearts work fluidly together--oh wait MangoRed just visualised it for us! The Mango guys called this prenup "trippy" and well it really is and then some! 

Gab & Tricia are ooooozing with rebelliousness. Tricia is a REBELLIOUS BRIDE and there's no doubt about it! And they weren't just bold and brave for their prenup but also for their two weddings! Their Tagaytay wedding is just so stylish, no? Congratulations to Gab & Tricia and may your marriage be as moving and thrilling as your prenup & weddings! 

Photography by MangoRed

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