You and I

This is probably the first-ever blog feature that we've ever, EVER had that just simply focused on the bride and the groom's wedding portraits and nothing else. And that's what makes this post rebellious. 

Photographer Jason Angcao went absolutely trigger happy, obviously inspired by Joanna, Earl,  and the sunlight. We felt that vibe from this set, and we were more than happy to revel with them and oblige. Not that the wedding didn't have guests or not that the wedding didn't have a grand ceremony and reception. But this feature is a reminder on what a wedding (and a marriage) is about--it's about two people taking a leap of faith and vowing to love one another forever. And that is enough. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Conratulations Earl and Joanna. May your marriage be filled with this much light, sunshine, and love.

CREDITS: Photography by Jason Angcao
HMUA: Julie Ebio | Gown: Mel Orlina
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