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While some couples research on other couple's prenup videos/photos to copy it, I admire Rebellious Couples who are creative enough to completely conceptualize their own prenups. From Tin's unique TANAN PRENUP PHOTOS (CLICK HERE TO VIEW), and now her ARTISTAHIN PRENUP VIDEO, it is quite clear that Tin is one original Rebellious Bride.

When we received this in our Inbox a couple of weeks ago, it literally put a smile on my face and I couldn't help but laugh because it struck a chord--because I truly believe that we all have our inner, secret desires to star in our very own Pinoy-flavored movie :)

I will no longer try to build this prenup video up because the rebelliousness and awesomeness of this video can already speak for itself. 

So here goes! Presenting! 
The Artistahin Prenup Video! 
Clap clap clap :)

Tin shares the story behind their prenup video:

 Wang Videography
TIN: As a background, we already booked our videographers Wang Videography, after much researching. They fit the budget and they do a lot of candid moments which we really liked. But at the beginning we only booked them for the regular package, a prenup video was just one of those "nice to haves". When the weddings at work auction came, it gave me a chance to book them for a prenup video at a fraction of the price! I grabbed it and paid for it with my own money (not the wedding fund!!!) without asking Marvin. In the end, wala na din siyang nagawa. He just went along for the ride.

Since I was in high school I was already the designated director or script writer for plays or class presentations. So when Marvin was already asking me, what did I have in mind for our prenup, all of my directorial dreams were churning in my head already, but we had to make sure that the videographers would agree with our plan. So we set up a meeting with them and I told them that I had this crazy idea (which was what we used as the concept) but I also came up with two other concepts which were not as complicated, just in case they won't be able to execute the original concept.

The Artistahin Couple

Surprisingly, Jigz Almonina and Cedric Tabares, the videographers from Wang who met with us and also shot our video, got challenged with our concept since it was different from the usual prenup videos. Don't get me wrong I still wanted to tell the story of how we met, (we were introduced by a common friend while we were waiting outside our parish church) but it seemed anti-climactic so we found ways to incorporate other movie genres so that we can up the "aliw factor". We also pushed through with this since this was the only way we could be artistas for a day and have the license to make our artista fantasies come true! We loosely based it in pinoy movie genres: action movies, regal films fantasy dance sequence scenes, local romantic boy meets girl comedies then we ended with our own story. We also wanted horror or fantaserye pero hindi yata kakayanin ng walang producer haha.

We shot for twelve hours, at Marvin's condo building in front of DLSU taft and the surrounding streets, and yes again madaming usisero. Pati taong grasa nakiusi at gusto umeksena. We didn't pay for permits to shoot, we just asked nicely. We used up all our clothes and at the end of the day we realized, mahirap pala maging artista. haha You have to shoot the same scene over and over to get a variety of angles. Good thing my siblings and our friends were there to act as PA, supporting actors and back up dancers. We also asked the friend who introduced us to each other to come for a cameo role to lend authenticity to our video.

Bong Revilla :)
In the end when we got the output, we were sooooo surprised to see how well it was edited. We love that they made our story the best part of the video and the other parts served as comedic relief. The pinoy actions part was priceless, Marvin felt he was Bong Revilla. People were shouting and hollering the whole time the video was shown at the wedding reception and they ended up being touched when they got to the ending which was what we were going for. We realized that we still need to attend acting workshops but the whole experience and the video is something that we can share with our children and grandchildren for the years to come.

Our tip for Rebellious Brides and Grooms, don't be afraid to think out of the box and to push for some things that hasn't been done before. Even my siblings told me that I was crazy for thinking up the script but when everyone saw the output they told us that the video was truly "US" and they expected nothing less from the both of us. We're happy we did not disappoint.

Ibang level kayo Tin & Marvin! Can't wait to receive the details of your wedding!

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