Rebellious Bridal Style: Courtney in Clayton

Hello rebels! RB Kai here! And I'm still in Portland having my vacation. Between wine tastings, sightseeing, and shopping (oh this is the life!!!), I'm definitely squeezing in some editorial shoots for the love of Rebellious Brides!

Charm & Raygan's Singapore Love Affair

Ahhhh. gotta love Singapore. It's one of my favorite cities in the world! Singapore has a special place in our hearts. Why? We have a LOT of RB  readers from Singapore. In fact, while I was shopping at Typo during one of my SG trips, one of our most loyal readers, Armie approached me to say "Hi." I have always imagined what it would feel like to actually be stopped in public by a reader--I thought I would look glam --alas, I was not hahaha--I was awkward because I felt so haggard at that time. I digress...

The Metrophoto Palawan Safari Prenup

"We are proud that we’ve significantly stretched the limitations of how pre-wedding photoshoots are done and we hope that this also paves the way to more people thinking big and outside of the box."
--Oly Ruiz, Metrophoto