Post-Apocalyptic Love

"...when you think about it, it's quite romantic how love could survive on a hostile post apocalyptic world. That is, we chose to love each other at a time when the world was ending. And that for us was romantic."

-- Rebel Couple, Kid & Raf

Martini Macchiato

If you guys just "tuned-in," we just started a mini series featuring creative cocktails that you can serve on your wedding day (Back Track HERE). And for our second drink, we wanted to make one that's ideal for coffee lovers. So here goes!

Subtile et Rebelle

The French are subtle. They exude a sense of sophistication that comes from the rebellious balance of luxury and minimalism that can only come from their own way of life. French themes (and shoots) are aplenty. But often it misses the point of how the French are so not into the obvious. And that's what we wanted to achieve in this contemporary wedding editorial feature shot in various locations in France.


We've never really been the type to shy away from color.  Even if it's the slightest hint of nude that's just quietly peaking through,  it will always excite us more than just an all-white bridal gown. There's just something about it that feels raw, real, and effortlessly chic.

Cheeky Cocktails

Dear Rebel Brides, we already know that the wedding is your day. Even grooms are often told by their own mothers to let the bride do what she pleases--"step away, let her have her way because it's her day". And although we somewhat agree, don't ever forget that you are hosting an event and you have guests that you need to take care of. And all guests ever want in a party is decent food, and awesome booze. But the thing is, we often neglect the booze. There's just too many elements to think about so the booze becomes an after-thought.