Here's proof that there is more to life than cheesy engagement photos set against a park, having a picnic, and posing like it's your prom. And at the other side of the spectrum, here's also proof that you don't need to go over-the-top with a big production number just to make your engagement photos cool. 

Australia-based couple Deer and Robbie, together with their Bangkok-based photographer Sanit show us how it's done. 

Armed with their his and hers Adidas Superstars, the fun couple flew from "Down Under" to Bangkok to celebrate their love. A love that is out to prove that "Size doesn't matter."

The WaW Online Bridal Fair

Photo by Quirky Creatives*

Not gonna lie. Blogging about Weddings at Work's online bridal fair is bittersweet for Rebellious Brides. Because we also thought of launching a similar concept some two years ago. Alas, it never materialized.  But because we fully support this rebellious movement to go digital, and because we have so much love and respect for WaW, that even if we are not the ones to launch this we still want to show our full support. 

50 Shades of Love & Rebellion

When we started out, we simply wanted to inspire fellow rebellious brides with ideas that no one would usually dare execute for their weddings. We created mood boards and curated pegs for weddings we wish would see the light of day. We wished for the rebellion to spread its wings and fly.

My Icelandic Rebel Love

Welcome to the land of Fire and Ice. When our Rebellious Brides team planned for our Europe trip/shoot projects, we included a 5-day side trip to Iceland. Little did we know that we would all fall in love with this country. So much so that we decided to shoot here instead of shooting in London. 

Iceland shook us to our very core and knocked us off of our feet. We literally still can't stop thinking about Iceland at this very moment. And we are already planning to go this very moment. 

Subtile et Rebelle

The French are subtle. They exude a sense of sophistication that comes from the rebellious balance of luxury and minimalism that can only come from their own way of life. French themes (and shoots) are aplenty. But often it misses the point of how the French are so not into the obvious. And that's what we wanted to achieve in this contemporary wedding editorial feature shot in various locations in France.