The Story of Veluz

It has been a longtime tradition for W@W (Weddings at Work) to mount a Video Fest for Philippine Wedding Suppliers who single-handedly revolutionized weddings one way or another. This original tradition is one that almost all wedding enthusiasts in the country enjoy--from when the handpicked list of filmmakers are made known to the general public, to when the themes/topics have been identified for them, from the time they post their BTS shoots, when the posters are launched, leading all the way up to the private screenings at Rockwell, and the after-party. It is an unprecedented event that only a true institution like W@W can really pull-off.

<Screenshots from the Bob Nicolas Veluz Film>

Oli Sue & Chris' Pop-Up Wedding

"Elope now. Party later." These were the last words that Arlene of The Perfect Grey Photography shared with us about Oli Sue & Chris' Pop-Up Wedding. A Pop-Up Wedding is essentially the new term for elopement. Originally used for Pop-Up Restaurants or Pop-Up Events, it refers to an event wherein you don't know where it's going to happen--oftentimes in an underground and kind of hipster venue and either with just a secret guest list or announced on the day of the event. In Oli Sue & Chris' case, they only had FOUR guests, including their photographers.

Arlene of The Perfect Grey Photographer further shares, "Pulling off a wedding this small may be difficult for our culture, but it was downright simple, and just about them. They didn't have a lot of people to please, because the only happiness that mattered on that day was theirs - which is what really matters."

Editorial for Two

There's something about Myra and Raymond's engagement session that looks and feels like an editorial shoot--the kind of collaboration shoots that we do in the blog! 

We look at these photos and we can't help but feel amazed by how beautiful engagement sessions are made here in our own neck of the woods--proof that the wedding industry is alive and well with so many talents, ideas, and artists. 

10 Wedding-Worthy Color Palettes from Pixar Movies

With so many colors and color combinations to choose from, it's a bit weird that most weddings these days get stuck with certain color palettes like mint and coral (how much more mint and coral weddings can we take?). Now don't get us wrong--if those are your favorite colors by all means, go right ahead. But if you are only joining the wedding bandwagon, yikes!

Sometimes wedding "trends" can do that to you---and that's why we always encourage readers NOT to look at what's "in" and instead, create your own ideas. Take for example these color palettes that were recently shared by Disney. Most if not all of these color combos are not your usual wedding motifs. But they work...they actually visually work!

May this inspire you to open your eyes to the other colors of the rainbow.

Wall-E Color Palette:

Classic, Creative, Crazy

Whenever we write our features, we try to be as short and sweet as we possibly can by limiting the photos to just 10-20 max. We feel that a wedding or a prenup can already be encapsulated by just a few selected photos and besides, with the abysmal Internet connections,we wouldn't want our readers to have a hard time looking through a post. But there are very rare times when a wedding set is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome that we can't help but put more photos. When a feature goes beyond 30 photos, in this case even 40 photos, you know that we had a hard time editing a post. Sometimes, what sets a feature apart from the rest is not because of the wedding being rebellious per se--sometimes it's because the photos...the photography is just THAT special. Joaquin and Abbey's wedding is classic and creative. But what makes it special is the fact that their photographers Quirky Creatives was able to capture the crazy beautiful side of the wedding---the personalities of the bride and groom, the simplicity of the day made into the quirkiest of days.