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Joanne + Tom: Pure Shores

Photography by Bordoy Viterbo 

In this Boracay wedding, you'll see the elements of what makes a wedding "rebellious" in our books. 1) Celebrating the destination wedding in its purest form without over-styling it, 2) Non-traditional, understated, stylish wedding style, 3) Beautiful photography, 4) Natural and organic looking, and last  but not the least 5) A laid back couple who just wants to get married. 

That's all you really need, folks. 

Rebellious Bridal Style: OLIVIA

Occasionally, we blog on simply a bride's style. Zeroing in on how a bride can rebelliously think of a cohesive style that is of course non-traditional, or a bride that chooses color palettes that are refreshing to see, or a bride that is rebellious enough to make her entourage look just as stunning as she is. Lately, I'm feeling like we need to do this more often so that we can inspire more brides to rebel against the usual looks/fashion. And speaking of rebel looks, here's one from a random photo shoot that Quirky Creatives made for Raf & Olivia--this is NOT a wedding nor a prenup photo okay? It was a random pictorial done during a fashion event. But I wanted to feature this because we love NONE-bridal pegs remember? ;)

I love Oliva's Ryan Madamba gown, don't you? I think it makes for an awesome anti-white bridal gown idea! The structure of the dress is so flattering, and the way Olivia looks just completes the look so well.

Tadashi Shoji

Source: http://www.wwd.com/

I've just realized that I haven't actually written a blog tribute to one of my most favorite international designers, Tadashi Shoji. I love him because he makes curvy women like me feel beautiful. I have two of his gowns and both make me feel like Juliet Capulet. I also love him because his creations are quite unique, and always with a hint of twist on classic styles. And most of all? His creations are soooooooo unbelievably and thoughtfully affordable (check out my pricing guide for bridal gowns below).

Here are some of my favorites from his Spring 2015 collection:

We Are Seekers Goes Film

Wedding Videography in the Philippines has got to be one of the most challenging to break through. The standards are so high because they were pioneered and dominated by innovators the likes of Jason Magbanua, Bob Nicolas, Threelogy, and Mayad. And it's so difficult because you could easily get branded as a "me-too." But there are fresh new talents entering the scene--and if the name of the game before was to "copy" the greats, now, it's all about veering away from what has already been done and finding one's identity. And that's what I love about We Are Seekers' new brand of film making. As RV Dela Paz asserts, they gathered all their learnings from videography from their previous experiences and created a signature style that is proudly their own--something that's not copied from others.

Tips from Holly & Denero's Wedding

We can all learn a thing or two from weddings from around the globe. I for one love American weddings because there's an understated coolness and chicness in how they plan their weddings.  Holly & Denero's Oregon wedding at the Jardin del Sol is an example of that. For one thing, brides there are rebellious enough to do their own makeup if they know how to. And brides like Holly are not uptight when it comes to their styling--they don't mind pairing their gowns with turquoise-colored necklace/bibs and they allow their bridesmaids and other members of their entourage to wear comfortable outfits that they want to. But most of all, to them, wedding ceremonies are ALWAYS important regardless of where it's done and who officiates it. I love weddings like this because it's just naturally rebellious. Simplicity and uncomplicated--that's the REAL essence of being rebellious because in truth, these are the hardest things to do.  

Instagram Inspirations

Who do you follow on Instagram? 

When it comes to Social Media, I believe in my own mantra, "Quality over Quantity." In my Instagram account for instance, I try to be very selective of who to follow because I wanna be able to see each and every photo that everybody posts. If I start following thousands of people, then I'd miss out on all the posts since my newsfeeds would most likely go haywire and will push down most of the content. I'm also very particular about privacy on Social Media but that's another story....

I follow 3 basic categories when I decide to follow people on IG. First would be people I follow for work info (as in shows & celebrities for GMA 7 and wedding artists for RB), second would be my friends of course, and third would be people I follow for creative inspiration.

If you are wedding planning now, I urge you to follow NON-WEDDING Instagram Inspirations  that would help broaden your minds, pegs, and perspectives. 

Here are my top 3 favorite IG accounts to follow for creative inspiration. Follow them too! :)


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