Setting The Stage For Your First Dance

The first dance plays a large role in marriage culture around the world. While not everyone shares this custom, it is very common for the newly 
married couple to hit the dancefloor before anyone else, giving them a final chance to show off their love before the evening activities begin. 

Getting Ready To Pop The Biggest Question In Your Life

Proposing to your partner is not easy. Even if you’re 99.9% sure you know what the answer will be, and you’ve talked about it 
before, you want to make sure that the moment is just right. Instead of worrying about what can go wrong, we’re going to look 
at how you can plan to make as many things as possible go perfectly so you can feel at least a 
little more at ease when popping the question.

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4 Simple Ways To Fit Your Personality Into Your Wedding

Think of a wedding and generic image will pop into your mind. There’s a baroque, ornate church with a bride in a white, fluffy gown 
and a groom in a suit with tails. Tradition is a big thing and couples like to follow it to the letter. However, what you might realize 
now you’re engaged to be wed is that this isn’t your style. Everyone is different and has a unique identity. And, it would be remiss 
of you not to tie your character into the big day somehow. Otherwise, the experience won’t be as magical.

Here are four helpful hints.

Can’t Buy Love? How to Make Your Wedding Financially Viable

For many people, the idea of getting married keeps getting put off because of the daunting financial challenge that comes with planning 
something like this. However, there are many ways in which you can make your wedding more affordable and ultimately, more financially viable. 
You should never let money or a lack of it get in the way of you getting married to the person you love. Read on to find out how you can 
 get married more cheaply.

Save for a While and Delay

If you don’t have much money to spend on your wedding right now, you should think about saving for a while. You can delay your wedding 
and wait a little because it’ll allow you to save up and make your wedding the way you want it to be. If the wedding is going to be better in the end
it’s probably worth waiting for.

See How Much Help You Can Get From Your Family

Family members will often be willing to chip in and offer some money for your wedding. You should find out whether this is a possibility 
or not before you make any further decisions regarding how your wedding is going to pan out. Even a little financial help from them can 
go a long way, so don’t underestimate this factor.

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