Jamie x Derrick: Marriage So Far

They say that nothing can test a relationship quite like when you are traveling together. It doesn't even necessarily apply to just married couples. It applies to family, friends, and even colleagues. That's why I am personally a firm believer that married couples should always make it a point to travel together. Even better if you could actually make time to travel before having kids or when you already have kids, try to travel at least once, without the kids--so that you can re-connect on a deeper level. This could even be a great time to just be young and carefree, forget the daily grind even for just a week or two--and maybe even discuss and resolve marital issues that you are unable to express at home.

Wedding Transport Woes to Avoid

When it comes to arranging the transport for your rebellious wedding, a lot of couples often put it at the bottom of their list of priorities. It’s easy to see why. After all, there is so much else to plan with the service, theme, reception and food that something always has to take a back seat.

It’s only on the actual wedding day that you will realize exactly how vital transporting your guests is, and if you want to avoid any significant dramas, you’ll need to execute your plans to perfection. Here are some of the biggest wedding transport woes you might experience - and how to avoid them.

Photo: Wedding Agency: Rosette + Oli  by Benjie Tiongco

Dress Code: Black-Tie

Black-tie is one of the most common dress codes during weddings. But still, there are a lot of guests who are not sure on what Black-tie really means...and we get the confusion.  Because when you think about it, Black-tie means that it's tuxedo time for men, and for women, that means you can wear glamorous long gowns. In fact, red carpets like the Oscars are the unofficial peg for a Black-tie event. But then again, most couples don't want to be upstaged during their wedding-- I mean, we're pretty sure a groom would be secretly pissed if his buddies were in some snazzy tuxedos that might potentially look better than his -- so it's pretty confusing because the dress code says one thing, but you also have to take into consideration and read between the lines.

So here's a suggestion from stylist KC Leyco-Mempin (Miss Kayce) on how to navigate this dress code and look fearlessly cool

Keeping Your Wedding Simple

Why do we insist on making life so hard, when it can be so easy? More to the point, why do we stress about making our weddings as extravagant as can be, when they can be just as nice when they are completely simple? You see, not every wedding needs to have the grandeur of a royal wedding or the fanfare of a celebrity wedding. No, weddings can be simple and special; for advice on how to keep yours simple, make sure to read on.



Bridal Boudoir sessions are always tricky. It can easily go south and look trashy and sleazy. That's why we rarely feature boudoir sessions. In fact, Rebellious Bride Lea's photo shoot is only the fourth boudoir we've ever had in the blog in 6 years.

Anything But Ordinary For The Paper At Your Wedding


When you’re planning a wedding, you will no doubt have loads of different things racing around in your mind. From the clothing you’re going to wear to the people you’d like to invite, you’ve got loads to do, and it will probably feel like there’s no time to do it. In a lot of cases, this can leave smaller jobs, like the paper at your wedding, on the back burner. To help you to avoid this, this post will be going through everything you need to tick this box.