The Giving Rings

 Oh these pretty little things! They reminded me so much of this jewel-toned wedding: Sparkling Prom Wedding  If they only existed then, it would have been great for the whole entourage to wear. These would definitely make for great bridesmaids' gifts or stack them up (Yes, they are awesome stackable rings!) to make for one rebellious engagement ring!

But more than just being pretty little things, a portion of the profit goes to an organization that helps preschool children. Read on to know more about these rings from celebrity blogger Patty Laurel (this is her passion project for a cause, by the way).

Anthony + Glenn

During the peak of the phenomenal GMA primetime show "My Husband's Lover," RB Mica and I were supposed to do a shoot of a gay prenup--alas, it didn't materialize. And a year later? Here's Oly, fulfilling our dream concept--and it's a fist bump.

The Rebellious Couple - Mr. & Mrs. Clooney

Photo by AFP Images

My, oh my. Where to begin?!?! Two Italian wedding ceremonies, multiple bridal looks, and the likes of Anna Wintour and Bill Murray at the wedding party. This was one rebellious wedding and couple for sure. 

While the bride had a dreamy and fabulous gown, I was even more excited by her bespoke Stella McCartney bridal pantsuit for the second ceremony, her second Oscar dela Renta Gatsby-inspired reception look, and the Giambattista Valli Couture 5 macramé embroidered short gown she wore for the boat ride to the wedding venue. 

George Clooney on the other hand proved once and for all that he is the marrying kind--and he definitely did it with a wide proud grin and the whole shebang! Now my only question is, where is BFF Brad Pitt?!?

Return to Opulence: A 1920s Wedding

Being both from advertising agencies, Kitty and Vince have a keen eye for beauty. Hence, it was all about glitz and glamour. It was a wedding where you excitedly realise you can wear your silk gloves and not look overdressed. In fact, the point was to wear your best pearls and fascinating fascinators! 
Just like the good old times.

Rustic Carnival Prenup

How can you go wrong if you're featuring a couple from the wonderful world of advertising? Agnes is a Client Services Director while Dan is a Creative Director. But because both of them decided not to take themselves too seriously with their engagement shoot, they ended up in Star City.

Although they would have easily opted for a perya -- the Philippine's version of the travelling carnival but much less posh -- had they found one.

Looking at their photos though, you'd think they're in a carnival abroad :)
Photos by Fuguwi Collective

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