Marian & Dingdong's Prenup is AWESOME

The first time RB Mica and I saw Dingdong and Marian's teaser prenup photo, we were giddy and totally impressed. We thought it was awesome, we thought it was absolutely unexpected and for that we commend them for being REBELLIOUS.

Rebellious Power Bridal Shoes


I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with luxury shoes. Don't get me wrong. I don't buy for the "social status" as some would be quick to judge. I actually buy because I'm "kuripot" (stingy) that way. How's that possible you might ask? Luxe shoes last longer. It's all about the quality over quantity. I'd rather have 5 pairs of investment shoes VS having 20 pairs that don't last very long. I've had my fair share of buying affordable shoes that end up destroyed after a few months. So if you ask me, the more practical woman goes for personal items that are well crafted. Yes, it's more expensive, but it will last a lifetime. That being said, my current loves are the YSL Tribute and the Valentino Rockstuds. I was so surprised that I haven't seen brides wear these shoes yet--considering that they are oh so comfy! Everybody seems to go for the Louboutins and the Jimmy Choos nowadays like it is some sort of  "right of passage" -- that it's my wedding and I can splurge. Truth is, they are just like those expensive gowns---worn once and never again. So why not go for the Tributes or the Rockstuds instead? They look soooo rebellious and they are more practical because they are actually comfy. Plus you can wear it after the wedding!

Just a random thought!

Here are some of my fave YSL Tibutes. It could even be your something blue!