The Wedding Agency

by The Rebellious Brides

The Wedding Agency is NOT wedding coordination--let's put that out of the way first. Our service is highly niche for couples/brides who want some help in streamlining their wedding ideas even before they get a coordinator and other suppliers. It's also for couples who want help in navigating the wedding preps which can get very crazy, confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes ugly.

Here's how it works:

We sit down down with our clients so that they can brief us--how are they like as a couple? What are their expectations for their wedding? What's the budget? What are their priorities? What are the least of their priorities?

Based on the briefing, we will develop THREE wedding themes for the client which we call "TAMED", "CREATIVE", and "CRAZY." This is something that we email to the couple as a PDF file with basic mood boards and visual stories. Then, we give the couple at least a week to decide which concept they would want to progress.

Once the couple decides on their chosen theme, our team will develop what we call the "Wedding Walkthrough."  This is your very own personal wedding bible which you can keep referring to and which you can share with all of your suppliers so that everybody is on the same page. This bible will include everything from the color palette, the invitation concept, prenup concept, bride & groom look book, entourage & guest styling, ceremony & reception ideas, program flow, budget breakdown, and supplier suggestions. Name it, it's going to be in this bible. We will then present the walkthrough to the couple. If there are any revisions and additional inputs, we will incorporate it in the revised and final version of the walkthrough,

Once the walkthrough has been turned over, voila! The couple can now align all of their suppliers, sit back, relax, and enjoy the wedding preps--stress free. 

Here are some our clients:



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Q: So basically your service is just all about ideation? What makes that different from me just researching on the web? I have a creative relative/friend. I’ll just ask help from her.

A: The Wedding Agency is not for everyone.  It is a highly niche service. While blogs and magazines can help you conceptualize your wedding, keep in mind that these ideas are based on someone else’s wedding. And while friends and relatives can help you develop your wedding as well, hiring someone just gives you a more objective perspective on things and gives you more power to comment and command, devoid of personal feelings.

What we are trying to achieve is to create a wedding solely based on you and your groom’s personality. Plus, our intention is to help you streamline your ideas & budget because sometimes you just get bombarded with so much wedding suggestions that you no longer know what to do.

 This creative process is patterned after the Advertising/Marketing industry where it starts with a Brief from the Client, and then the Agency pitches an idea based on a solid grasp of the Consumer Insight, which leads to a Strategy, a Big Idea, Implementation Guide, and unto the Budget Summary. If you are familiar with how the advertising agency works, let’s put it this way: you are our client, and we will act as your account executive, creative team, your media planner/buyer, and even your talent caster---Whereas your wedding team will be your production team/talents for your "campaign". That means it is very ideal that we come in at the very very beginning of your engagement, even before you start wedding preps. 

 Q: Who is your service perfect for?

A: We’ve discovered that most of our clients are from abroad our outside of Manila who need representation and familiarity with the wedding scene. We also discovered that our clients are those who are simply very busy that they just need extra help to streamline their wedding ideas and their wedding partners. We also discovered that our clients are those who want their wedding (and even debuts) to reflect who they really are. Sounds like you? Then email us to inquire!

 Q: Can I get a copy of your work?

A: Just like in an advertising agency, creative work is confidential. We will be glad to present to you in person, the other walkthroughs we have done for our other clients. But since we also have day jobs, please understand that we are only able to accommodate meetings from serious clients who are ready to finalize downpayments.

 Q: Do you have an office?

A: We share an office space with Powercom in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. But this is by appointment only and we only conduct meetings with confirmed clients.

 Q: How much is your fee and what’s the value in it?

A: The initial reaction is why will I pay that much for someone to think of my wedding? Think of it this way. When you have no clear idea on where your wedding is going, you end up cherry-picking so many ideas. In the end, you get lost, frustrated, and financially challenged. Whereas our fee is very minimal knowing that streamlining your wedding will actually help you determine on what elements to spend and focus on.

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