Photography by Sara Lobla - Madrid, Spain

*Updated on Aug. 2017 to address the issue on lock-outs.  

GENTLE REMINDER: Due to the extreme number of submissions we receive, we'd like to remind everyone to read the submission process below. Those who properly comply will be given priority. We also apologize in advance if your email somehow goes through our Spam Folder. If this happens, it will take us a lot longer to reply. Thank you for everyone's understanding.


Submission Simplified 

We looooove getting submissions! In fact, we were one of the the FIRSTS to actually welcome submissions from any kind of bride! Anyone in the world can submit. We are inclusive of all couples and suppliers regardless of race, sexual preference, and current location.

But hold your horses! Before you submit, please understand that it can also get overwhelming because we receive so many. We are a small team with day jobs, kids, dogs, and husbands to attend to so it's not always easy sifting through our emails.

 With these in mind, the simpler and shorter the email submissions, the better. Kindly follow the easy steps below and please read carefully the MUST AVOID portion. Thank you so much :)

 STEP 1: 

Email us FIVE (5) sample photos from your wedding, engagement, or other photo shoots (as long as it's wedding-related!). Wedding Photo Slideshows will not be viewed.

Email the photos as LOW-RES ATTACHMENTS AND  NOT AS ZIP OR .RAR FILES. Just good 'ol, email attachments will do. 

For Wedding Videos please send a Vimeo or Youtube link. Since the blog has a global audience, videos must be in ENGLISH. 

 STEP 2: 

At this stage of the submission, there is no need to submit a full write-up. A simple, "Hello Rebels!"  will do. To be really, really honest, we don't get to read long emails.

 STEP 3: 

Once you have emailed your submission, simply wait for our reply to request for more photos and other details from you.


1) Links to Facebook, Yousendit, Flickr, and other online albums
2) Video attachments
 3) Zip or .rar folders
4) Word Files
5) Excel Sheets
6) Password-protected links to Google Drive

 For Rebellious Wedding Artists - We are proud of the fact that we were one of the FIRSTS to welcome collaboration shoots and creative partnerships. Simply email us and let's see how we can create a rebellious collaboration together! :)



On Exclusivity and Lock-outs 

Unlike other wedding blogs from all over the world, we do not obligate couples/wedding suppliers to have a *lock-out/exclusivity period when your feature is on our blog. 

We are vehemently against this on-going pesky practice due to the following arguments:  

We believe that couples and suppliers have the 100% right to share their love stories/talents to as many people all over the world as possible. 

This practice only makes sense if the blog pays you a talent fee or if it's a collab you made with them.

Every blog has its own writing style. There's so many ways to feature one wedding and still make it unique to a blog. Plus, blogs don't necessarily share the same followers and readers. So why 'hoard' the content?

Love is love. This practice promotes competition, negativity, and unnecessary conflict. We are all trying to celebrate love and here we are perpetuating a very "unloving" practice. 

So there you go folks. We do not have a lock-out policy and we don't think you should participate in this viscous cycle. But hey, if you want to be part of it, go ahead and we will respect your decision.

If you have an on-going lock-out agreement, email us once the lock-out expires and we will still feature you. And we assure you that we will tell your story with a fresh, new, original perspective.  

*A lock-out is an absurd policy set by other wedding blogs requiring that your wedding feature must be exclusive to them for a given time period. This means that they are not allowing you to submit and share your wedding/work to other blogs. Sounds crazy right? So don't be bullied!