9.10.11 SDE Video

M & M (Photo by Mango Red)
This blog is brought to you by the letter M and the numbers 9...10...11.

Last September 10, Marc & I sealed the deal. It was one amazing and unforgettable day for us. To this day, we still don't know how or where we summoned enough superpowers to organize a wedding in a span of six months.

But we did it!

And we have a same-day-edit video to prove the existence of our wedding.

Of course, an SDE or on-site video does not necessarily have to be a staple in weddings. Marc and I decided to include usual wedding elements (like SDEs) but always with a twist to it. We then briefed Wang Videography on how we wanted the video to go...makulit lang! :)

Speaking of kulit...read on to see more of Mango Red's initial edited shots from our wedding.

Cheers to married life!

Mica TuaƱo-Fuentes :)


  1. Mica! ang ganda!!! and ang kulit!!! hahahaha :)

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  3. -via facebook-

    yey! it was cute! pero cuz, sa lahat ng wedding video's nyo best actor talaga si Marc.
    Di talaga pwede walang iyakan pag Tuano wedding!

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    i love it!

  5. -via facebook-

    very cool sde, cuz! medyo naiiyak ako pero slight lang. hehehe

  6. too cute SDE! Mica and Marc, way to maximize preps at home! kudos to wang video! :)