Rebellious Bride Karen's Pink Gown

Photos by Jay Jay Lucas
"I think nowadays brides are getting pressured to be different, they spend a ton of money to be different, but for me being rebellious is an attitude, you just can't buy that." 
 -- Bridal Gown Designer Christine Caspe-Lam

In the rarest of occasions, we are featuring an anti-white gown as shared with us by the designer herself--and it's always interesting to know the point-of-view of the wedding partner as opposed to the couple or the bride. SPEAKING of the bride, Rebellious Bride Karen Leslie Dy wanted a pink gown--never mind if people commented "is the bride celebrating her debut"--No offense but are YOU the bride or the groom to even comment like that? WHAT IS IT TO YOU? What will you have gained knowing that a comment like that can intentionally sting? If the bride wants it in her heart, who are we to even comment otherwise? And Bridal Gown Designer Christine Caspe-Lam was just the right wedding partner for the job. She was eager for something new to land on her lap, and she was supportive.

Read on to know more about the gown, the bride, and the design! :)

Rebellious Brides: What was your reaction when your bride told you she wanted a pink gown?

Christine: Finally a bride with guts! :) Although a pure white gown is still dreamy and traditional, it was such a refreshing change, you get to experiment with different fabrics and detailing that you won't normally use for wedding gowns.

RB: What was your inspiration for the gown?

Christine: the inspiration for the gown was oddly enough a box of paper tissues! I saw a box of "couture" tissues from one of my trips, it was the perfect color for the wedding gown, It also had this swirls that look like patches of lace, like those of french lace. Dainty and sweet but most importantly non-traditional.

RB: Did you and the bride encounter any challenges along the way and how did you overcome it?

Christine: There were alot of challenges while doing the gown, one is getting knowing looks from traditional people, or getting snide remarks like "is the bride celebrating her debut?" I guess it was really important that the bride really knows what she wants, that really was the encouragement that we need to overcome all the challenges we encountered. She was very determined and I think she was also having fun, not taking the whole wedding buzz too seriously.

RB: What can you advice to brides who want to have colored gowns but are probably afraid to follow through with it?

Christine: Think about it 10, 100 times before deciding. 20 years from now will you still be happy with your decision, what's your purpose on choosing a colored gown? If you can answer these questions and still be happy with it, I say just do it! Do it for yourself and not because its "uso" I think nowadays brides are getting pressured to be different, they spend a ton of money to be different, but for me being rebellious is an attitude, you just cant buy that. 

 What do you love most about this pink gown? I particularly loved the fact that the inspiration came from a box of tissue! I also loved that this gown had so many dimensions to it depending on what angle you are looking at it from. But most of all, I love the rebellious attitude of the bride and the designer and how they have perfectly collaborated on the gown together. Designer Christine also summed it up very well that brides nowadays are pressured to be unique. But the fact of the matter is, whether you want to go traditional or rebellious doesn't really matter as long as it is what YOU believe in and not what society or even blogs such as ours are telling you to believe in. At the end of the day, you should make decisions as a couple. 

This year is looking pretty damn good! Last month we featured a black gown and now a pink one! Keep it coming guys! :)

PS. A very special shout-out to Rebellious Bride Karen for sharing your beautiful  anti-white gown through designer Christine! You are one courageous bride! :) 

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  1. That is a beautiful gown - simply stunning. Well done to Karen for sticking to her guts and going through with what she wanted and not with what is expected.
    It's also great to read about the positive attitude of Christine Caspe-Lam towards making a coloured gown :D

  2. this is probably one of the most beautiful wedding gowns I've seen!