Rebellious Prenup: Love Knocks You Out

They could have opted to walk hand in hand in a park or lie down the grass and kiss. They could have gone all lovey-dovey and sweet but instead, they decided to knock each other out- with love, of course!

KC and Jmie decided they were going for grit in their prenup shoot. And we just have to admire them for not being scared of sweat and blood and well, not looking so damn perfect. It was all about showcasing their own bond and brand as a couple.

We here at Rebellious Brides are more than glad to see more and more couples get out of their comfort zones and show the world what they are truly made of. But enough about us, here are some teaser photos grabbed from the equally rebellious photography team called We Do It For Love.

This sweating it out pose is a good break from all the fashion prenup shots!

Tough love.

I love a couple who know how to fight well ;)

RB: Why this theme?
KC: We both love contact sports. I really go boxing in that same gym where we shot and Jmie loves MMA (mixed martial arts) and wrestling.

Plus, people usually choose themes where they will look beautiful. We chose a theme that's a bit gritty and less beautiful, I  guess? Hahaha!
We also thought that this theme doesn't need so much styling in clothes, it has a lot of action (boxing) so it's more fun to do and see.

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<3<3<3 Mica


Shot on location: Elorde Makati gym
Hair and make up: Martin Alonzo
Clothes: Ms.Regine Tolentino


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