Bride Ideas!

I was going to call it Bridal PEGger but it sounded like I'm pregnant. Pregnant with ideas, possibly. Now, due to the fact that I have more free time (I've resigned from the advertising world and am focusing on being a makeup artist), I can grab more pegs and inspirations for all you, our rebellious brides. So let me do the browsing and give you some tips, inspirations and bright ideas from sites like notcouture, pinterest, pinspire...well, you get the drift ;)

Here are five bride ideas for you today:

From Pinterest: Reception styling idea.

From Pinterest: Simple yet lovely entourage attire.

From Pinterest: Wedding Ride? Taxi cab it!

From Pinterest: Tie the knot in this beautiful knot pony look!

From NotCouture: Why not print a photo on your bridesmaid's skirts? This was a photo taken by a telescope of the galaxy!

Any more bride ideas?! Share them with us! Watch out for the next installment!

<3 <3 <3 Mica


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