Wedding Agency: Crazy Love

Let me start this blog with some screaming, "AAAAAAAH....I LOVE IT!" Such irreverence. Such craycrayness. Such TOPAK! 

RB readers, meet my youngest sister Gem. As sister to one-half of the rebellious brides, she was bound to have a prenup filled with REBELry. After all, I find that the best engagements sessions capture exactly the personalities of the two people featured. And this session was SPOT ON.

Gem and Jay-R are both medical reps from the country's top pharmaceutical brand so at first we were playing around Love & Other Drugs. Eventually, we came up with Crazy in Love because of their whirlwind love story and their innate craziness. Taking cues from the the music video After Midnight by Blink 182 (thanks to my husband for this!), pegs and moodboards were made. 

This shoot was made possible in collaboration with the amazeballs team of We Do It For Love.

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Photography by WeDoItForLove
Concept by The Rebellious Brides
Styling and DIY props by Mica Tuaño-Fuentes and the couple
Prenup look by The Makeup of Mica
Shot on location at Francisco Clinic and Phil Heart Center

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