Rebellious Prenup: Bold and Beautiful

I just got a text from Rebellious Bunch's Mango Ryan of Mango Red fame. The "bold" prenup is up, he told me. And it is by far one of their boldest shoots ever. Not even literally, for me. But it was just in a whole new plane I cannot explain. It was brave, unique and magnificently done. It was engagement shoot rebellion at its best.  I am supposed to be asleep by now but I simply could not wait until tomorrow. I HAVE TO POST THIS NOW. This shoot is epic.

To all those involved in this shoot, thank you for breaking the norm, for this earth-shattering masterpiece. May your love be as bold and brave, Mayone and Francis. May MangoRed & Rabbit Hole Creatives continue to make our jaws drop.

To see the whole set go here:

<3<3<3 Mica

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