Rebellious Prenup - Of Tattoos & Angels

Photography by Paul Vincent

There's nothing sexier than an angelic doctor who has a rebellious spirit. And even more so if you have an equally rebellious boyfriend who will get a tattoo of you even before you guys get officially and permanently married. He is just that confident and sure of you. Wow!

So for their prenup, Dra. Sigrid (secretly nicknamed as "Angel") and her groom Stephen, celebrated their tattoos and their angelic hotness in all of its glory.

Here's Sigrid's email:

My nick (known only to people close to me) is Angel. I also have a tattoo on my lower back. When my husband and I started dating, he had me tattooed on his right arm--with wings & my tattoo. So for our third theme, he took off his shirt so his tattoo can be seen, while I wore a dress that had a low back so my tattoo can be seen. I also wore my custom-made angel wings.

So maybe you guys are wondering, "third theme"? What were the other themes? Just for kicks, and on top of the tattoo concept, Sigrid & Stephen did a role reversal and a glam concept as well.

Here's what Sigrid wrote about their role reversal:

My husband is a talented basketball player and I'm a doctor. So we switched roles. He wore my dad's white coat which had my surname Eduardo stitched on the pocket, while I had a custom-made yellow jersey with his surname Alindogan stitched at the back. The jersey's number is 27, which corresponds to our wedding date, May 27. Stitched in front is the word 'Jackpot', because I call him Jackpot for having me (hahaha).

Sigrid's rebellious streak carried on over to the wedding with her anti-white gown and fabulous entourage styling. Watch out for the separate feature on Rebellious Bride Sigrid, coming soon! 


Paul Vincent Photography
MUA: Paolo Maranan
Hair: Jaime Sy
Stylist: Ryuji Shiomitsu & Kathy Amurao-Herrera — at Robot Restaurant & Lounge Makat

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  1. We were there! It was a fabulous wedding full of surprises!