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 "A rebellious bride for me is one who knows exactly what she wants and would stand firm by her decisions at all cause. A visionary, a researcher, a creative artist, a critique, and a person who still finds grace in things she cannot control are just few of her alluring characteristics. All of these speak of who I am, making me a rebellious bride :)" 
-- Rebellious Bride Shalimar Dimaandal - Inocencio

In the plethora of mushrooming black & white weddings, how else could you possibly make it your own? Make it fun. Create the theme and break it anyway with pops of color. Make it whimsical. All of these things, Sha was able to make. Yes, the wedding was in black & white. But definitely not the templated b&w kind of wedding.

Here's how Sha recounts her rebel wedding :)

Rebellious Brides:  The aisle and the flower girl angels are amazing! What's the story behind this?

Sha: My husband and I both agreed to have most of the details be customized. 

My personal favourite is our DIY aisle runner. It is a timeline, a collection of our wonderful memories showcased through photos taken from our first month as sweethearts until our wedding day. Our guests loved it and even took photos with it. 

Our flower fairy is another story. My niece would always tell me that a bride needs someone to look after her and that a fairy would make all her dreams come true. That’s when I decided to have a flower fairy. 

Since we also opted to have a fun and laid-back vibe on our wedding, I thought of making her wear an attire that she would really enjoy wearing- sneakers, wings, and a wand. I talked it over with my sister since it’s unconventional. At first she was skeptical about it; but when she saw the outcome, she surprisingly liked it. And oh, I had little bridesmaids! Instead of just letting them walk , I asked them to carry a ceremony props that would keep our guest thrilled -“Here Comes the Bride” signage.

RB: What were the challenges you faced for having a non-traditional wedding and how did you overcome this?

The bride opted for little bridesmaids!
Sha: Having an unconventional wedding is quite a challenge especially that my husband and I are from a province where traditions are still intact. It takes a lot of courage, planning and scrutinizing to pull-off such. One of the difficulties we encountered was on our main motif which is black and white, even more when we requested our guests to wear black. It required a lot of explaining but I was really firm about it. In the end we got what we wanted, afterall, it is our wedding.

Overall, it was fulfilling having the kind of wedding that we had. We were the happiest then and we were so pleased with how our guests appreciated what we had planned for. In fact, a friend even said, “I didn’t realized that even the smallest detail could be customized, it’s beautiful”! It only takes a right kind of attitude to pull-off a wedding that is non-traditional, everything else follows.

Very well said, Sha! Congratulations to the lovely couple!!! 


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    Dear Kai and Mica,

    My sincerest thanks for featuring our wedding.
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    My prayers are with you. May you have continued success
    in your chosen endeavor. Your site truly inspires a lot of people
    especially future brides...not simply to be different but to make
    the best of the wedding one could possibly have even if it means
    defying traditions.

    Thank you again for devoting your time to feature our wedding.

    Best regards,

    Shalimar Inocencio