The "Un-Weddingy" Boracay Wedding

" avoid disappointment or stress
we chose to follow the flow."
Rebellious Bride Pauline Reitzer

This is by far one of the most beautiful, most moving weddings I have ever seen since RB's existence. And the wedding video, didn't even feel like a wedding video 'till like the third minute of the video. Kudos to Dreamscape Asia Productions. I have NEVER seen a wedding video such as this. And for that, we thank you for giving us something so new! 

I've been asked by a few friends on whether I'm going to blog about a certain celebrity's wedding this week. But such weddings have enough airtime already. I choose to tell you this love story instead. 

I have always had a soft spot for Boracay weddings. But I am BEYOND JEALOUS because our featured couple actually MOVED TO BORACAY. Oh what a wonderful life they must have! Pauline & Roldan's wedding is obviously rebellious. But it's also so very organic and so loving. So unpretentious. So real. I'm so moved. Thank you Pauline, for sending this our way. You have touched us so much, just by sharing a piece of your wonderful, heart-thumping wedding. 

Roldan & Pauline SDE from Dreamscape Asia Productions on Vimeo.

Kai & Mica

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  1. This is a unique wedding I've seen. It is best to celebrate our special day with our love ones in such lovely place as boracay.