The 2013 RB Forecast

We've always encouraged you guys to create your own forecasts, in pursuing what rocks your boat, in finding your inspirations from within as opposed to force-fitting a color or a trend that is said to be "in" (even if it's not even you).  So hence we don't believe in dictating forecasts.

But surprisingly (and flatteringly), Rebellious Brides was asked on what we think will be popular in weddings next year. Now, we don't necessarily know what's going to be hot and we haven't really done any research on the subject as well. But we've narrowed down some things we personally believe in. 
This is a forecast created out of our own sheer gut.  So follow it--or don't follow it but the point is we hope this will inspire you to set your own trends based on your own desires, passion, and style.

What you will see below is a simple layout/look book we prepared for a pool of wedding artists that we've thrown ideas with. They wanted to know of our 2013 ideas and so we made this for them. And now we thought we'd share them with you guys! Enjoy! :)

Featured gown by Hindy Weber Tantoco

So there you have it folks! Our very own 2013 forecast or whatever you wanna call it. We didn't go into each idea because we plan to elaborate on this every month in 2013. So watch out for that! In the meantime, let's all enjoy what's left of 2012!

Do you have your own invented 2013 forecast? Share it with us!


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