Just Giving It Forward: Newlyweds injured in Boston bombings receive outpouring of support (Source: Yahoo!)

Source: GiveForward

To be a newlywed, to still be in your honeymoon stage--then to wake up in this nightmare, is just heartbreaking. Let's all do our part to donate or at least spread the word.

Snippet from the Yahoo! article:

Patrick and Jessica Downes were two of the people to suffer severe injuries at the Boston Marathon on Monday. The newlyweds, who were married last August, each lost a leg below the knee in the explosions.

In the aftermath, friends and relatives set up a GiveForward site for people to donate money to help with the couple's rehabilitation and medical expenses. In just a few days, over $430,000 has been donated. Also pouring in: messages of support from both friends and strangers.
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