Telco Themed Will You Be

One of our Wedding Agency clients Chel & Allan both used to work for Globe. Not only were they co-workers but their relationship blossomed when they were still there so naturally, they wanted to pay tribute to  this by making their wedding theme 'Telco'.

A telco themed wedding could easily go the route of techie and the obvious look would border on futuristic and a little too cold and stiff. But not for Chel & Allan's wedding. For their walkthrough we actually took inspiration from Globe's most iconic commercials that hinged on relationships and communications. Think lots of ribbons (because that's one of the brand's most iconic design elements), and we injected crafty ideas to blend with the techie aspect of it. Here's a few teaser slides from their walkthrough.

We love it when our clients update us on how their wedding preps are coming along and we get super excited and proud when we see some of their wedding projects evolving on their own with the initial ideas in the walkthrough in mind. Chel & Allan commissioned Ruffles & Bells to create the WYBs for their entourage and it turned out very personal and soft. We are so in love with them!

WYB by Ruffles & Bells

Since the couple and their friends are all techie, the WYB even had QR codes! Ruffles & Bells did a great job into blending crafty & techie into one beautiful look!

When Chel & Allan initially emailed us inquiring about The Wedding Agency, they were very set on having a telco wedding but they didn't know how to execute it--pegs were also very scarce for this type of theme. We're glad that the theme is unfolding perfectly for them at this point.

Keep it up guys! :)

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