How to Create a Rebellious Brunch Wedding

Photography by A DASH OF JAMIE / Jamie Espadilla

HELLO THERE REBELS!!! Let's get all the apologies, disclaimers, and niceties out of the way first, shall we. First of all, if you noticed that blog updates have been kind of slow for the past few weeks, that's really because I'm on vacation (and by that I mean me as in RB Kai) and well--I've been having too much fun--hihi sorry about that!  Second of all, if you guys remembered a teaser for this post about 3 months ago, that's because this is a long overdue blog feature..and sorry again for that because we had troubles acquiring the photos of this shoot but thanks to stylist/photographer savior Jamie Espadilla we managed to get our hands on some of the photos that she personally took during this shoot! And so there! Let's get right to the feature then! :)


I luuurve brunch weddings! I love it so much that we have our own Brunch Wedding Video to back it up! But we've noticed that the idea of a brunch wedding these days are becoming too contrived and are looking very similar in terms of elements and in terms of what's expected of a brunch wedding. So here are simple ideas that go beyond the traditional/classic. 

Tip #1: Keep it simple, personal, and delightful

Don't you think these arrangements are just so cute and charming? The thing is, we just basically put them together ourselves! And boy was it simple! First of all, use your own props that you can just grab from your own home--not only is this more practical, it also has a more personal tone to it because they are your own keepsakes. For instance, real-life bride Cha who modeled for our shoot, loves books! So I took that into consideration and used books as one of my design elements for the tables. Another tip is simply to use old crossword puzzles/comics from newspapers as place mats. Speaking of place mats, can anybody spot the doodle that we put on the table to welcome the imaginary guest for this shoot? :)

Tip #2: Go totally anti-reception and do the reception in an actual breakfast place!

Some couples like to re-create the brunch vibe for their brunch-themed weddings--but why not just do it in a real breakfast place? Some would say that it's too informal and you won't be able to do the usual traditional wedding reception stuff in a restaurant but then again--why do you have to? Doing your wedding in a charming breakfast venue such as The Early Bird Breakfast Club at the Fort allows you to have an intimate gathering with just your loved ones. What's more, the place is already styled and the amazing modern breakfast food is readily available and presented with so much art that it could very well be part of the entire styling! 

Tip #3:  Reinvent the whole fixation w/ Audrey Hepburn and create a Version 2.0 of Breakfast at Tiffany's 

If there's one thing we've learned from Audrey Hepburn, is that you can never be too overdressed for breakfast--and we totally agree. But don't you think it's time to retire that whole fixation about trying to copy Audrey's look from Breakfast at Tiffany's? It's 2013, folks. There'a a lot to pick up from her style but more can be done with reinventing it and making it your own! Here we have for you two entirely different looks from Vidal Clayton of the Cecilio Abad Design Team.  Two looks that are absolutely breathtaking, don't you agree? For that Audrey Version 2.0 vibe, the entire hair & makeup look was created by Toni Rodriguez & Marvic Globasa--since Cha had short/pixie-ish hair, Toni was actually inspired by Emma Watson for the looks! As for Cha's accessories, instead of pearls we styled her with diamonds and emeralds from Cuenca Jewelry, as well as oversized sunnies made of Bamboo from Panda and finished the look with an oversized black Kate Spade bag. Marco, Cha's fiancee was in an equally sleek black-on-black ensemble (it's brunch and we'll wear black, and nothing you gonna do about it! =P). And of course to complete our brunch wedding look for the couple, we have here our non-floral DIY bouquets and boutonnieres from Koni Esteban of Candidly Pretty! 

Having a brunch or breakfast theme doesn't mean that you can't have a rebelliously sophisticated wedding. It's all about pushing the envelope and making things work! 

Hope you enjoyed this one, rebels! 

Lots of people helped make this shoot possible and we'd like to credit everyone here!
Models: Real-Life Engaged Couple, Cha & Marco
Bridal Couture: Vidal Clayton of the Cecilio Abad Design Team
Makeup: Toni Rodriguez
Hair: Marvic Globasa of Toni Rondriguez' Team
Bouquet, Boutonniere, XOXO DIY Sign, Mason Jars, and DIY Paper Straws: Koni Esteban by Candidly Pretty
Photography: Jamie Espadilla / A DASH OF JAMIE
Venue: The Early Bird Breakfast Club, The Fort Strip
Styling/Concept: The Rebellious Brides / Wedding Agency

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