Choose Love

In light of what's happening in the Philippines right now with the devastation brought about by Yolanda, concerned Filipinos are naturally getting passionate with varying degrees on how we are all reacting. Especially netizens like us. Here are just some gentle reminders based on what we've observed on Facebook which is somehow growing a bit hostile.

1. Let's be tolerant of people. Forgive them if they seem like they do not know what they are doing. And be tolerant of people who don't seem to meet your own personal standards on what should be done. Even those who are posting selfies, posting their food, posting their good life. Even those who are seemingly announcing to the world the amount of what they have donated. Let's not judge. We don't know what their state of mind is. Let's not conclude that they are selfish, arrogant, and whatnot. We are all different, we cope and think differently. If you have the urge to reprimand them, at least be kind with your words. Let's always assume that each human being is fighting their own battles. And that words can hurt. There's a big difference and a different reaction if a person is feeling like they are being attacked as opposed to being informed nicely on what they should and should not do. Let's also remember that life goes on. Just because some are posting happy stuff doesn't mean they are not grieving. You never know. We never know. Let's just stop judging, please. 

2. Let's not make this into a competition. Let's just be thankful to everyone who is helping. Let's just all come together. 

3. And lastly, choose love. We believe in the Law of Attraction. Negativity attracts negativity. Love attracts more love. The most powerful feeling is love. Love will overcome everything. If you find yourself feeling frustrated, annoyed, or appalled, count from 1 to 5 and think of love and the things you can do or think of that is in line with this positive thought. 

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