Noel & Rae's "Promniversary!"

Ahhh....prom. We are quite fond of prom here in the blog. Why we even created a prom wedding theme for one of our clients! So when we saw this oh-so-original "Promniversary" idea from Noel Salazar of Quirky Creatives and his wife Rae, we just had to celebrate it here in the blog for them as well!

Nothing like a couple who celebrates their anniversary in the most extraordinary way! My personal tip is to always make your anniversary an excuse to do something for the both of you so that you can: 1) Keep on reliving your wedding,  2)"Review" what you vowed to each other, and 3) Keep your love & marriage exciting, sizzling, happy, and alive. Take for example Noel--Rae had a not-so-happy memory of her prom and that's why Noel thought of creating a new one for her. How sweeeeeet is that? He went all out! The celebration even came with a kick-ass playlist haha. So let's play some Boyz 2 Men and check out this prom, shall we? :)

To view the complete set, CLICK HERE!

Happy anniversary Noel & Rae! And may you continue to celebrate your marriage in the quirkiest of ways 'till you're old and wrinkly together. This is definitely one for the books for 2013 :)

Photography | Angie Ong of Quirky Creatives
Styling | Nio Manzano, assisted by Chris Munar
Location | The Picasso Boutique Hotel
Cheesy Song List | Shayla Sanchez
Invitation Design | Rica Venturanza
Wrist Corsage and Thing Boutonnière | {etc} Handmade Goodness

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  1. This is starting to be a habit, he he he. I soooo love seeing my styled stuff in your blog, makes it feel so special. Thanks again, and like before, "The Quirks" and I have other projects in the future, kailangan lang kumita muna para gumastos again. :P