Wedding Agency: Mindi's Hippie Birthday Picnic

Since the Wedding Agency also caters to debuts, we figured why not for first birthdays? You can forego the usual magician and noise-filled bashes and opt for a more chill or carefree theme. Choose one that suits your new toddler's temperament (yes, you can see your child's personality by this time) and make the little celebrant happier than ever.

Mindi is a smiley, happy baby who is 100% breastfed, co-sleeps, uses cloth diapers exclusively, loves eco-toys and being carried in a sling. So why not create a "Hippie" Birthday celebration for her, right? It was just right smack her good vibe alley. So peace, love and party it was!

Here are some of her inspiration for the party:

From Hoot Designs
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And here are some of the actual photos from the party:

Created by Hoot Designs


Photogrpahy by Lambert Pangilinan Photography+Video 
(See the whole set here: Mindi's Hippie Birthday)
DIY props by RB Mica and her sister Althea Aswani
Styling by Pika Yonzon Villafuerte of Hoot Designs
Turban matching headpieces by Bonsai Fojas of Bonne
Cake, cookies & "hippie" brownies by Carol de Leon of Felicity Patisserie
Food and Drinks by Pumpkin Catering
Ice Cream Bar by Bindi Sweetsnbits

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