Mycel + Aga's Bohemian Dreams Prenup

Photography by We Do It For Love

I just love it when Rebellious Brides AND Grooms write perfect submissions. Honestly, it makes our jobs that much easier haha! Sifting through submissions can be quite tough, especially since RB Mica and I have stressful day jobs. So thank you so much to Rebel Boho Bride Mycel for taking the time and effort to lovingly pen her own feature. 

Freedom. Beauty. Truth. Love. The four doctrines/pillars that Bohemians uphold. Same pillars that I do pray for when I'm at the temple as well. I do believe I am a boho at heart. And that's why I enjoyed Mycel and Aga's submission. I hope you'll enjoy it too. 

Rebellious Bride Mycel writes:

"For the love of all things vintage."

A person, as an artist, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. 
A person, musician or artist who lives a free spirited life and believes in truth, freedom and loved 

The pre-nup is a DIY project of the bride, Mycel, who loves all things that are boho and vintage. With the help of Mycel's officemate and friend, Joanna Hoffman, they made the Pinned photos from their Pinterest accounts into reality. 

Both Mycel & Joanna are Art Directors by profession; they collaborated ideas, spent long hours looking for pegs (mostly from Pinterest) DIY-ed stuff from mood boards, styling, props and the set-up. The groom, Aga, is a Technical Support Engineer by profession, but is also an artist (musician by heart). 

All the props used in the shoot were carefully handpicked by the bride. The "teepee" was built on the same day of the shoot using vintage materials like curtains, etc. The theme "vintage chic" was chosen by the couple because they both are sucker for vintage and classic stuff (it's one of their common interest). While the Bohemian Dreams concept showed more of their artistic side, they believe that the theme captured their personality being Free Spirited individuals.

"Free. Radical. Independent.
Her style is her own.
It's personal, existential.

Her only fear is convention.
Her only weakness, shoes.

She embraces her spirituality,
aspires to her dreams,
lives through her passions.

She is a world changer."

Photographer: Rex Carrascoso of We Do it For Love
Make-Up: Precious Medina
Hair: Alain Chua
Production Design: Joanna Hoffman
Venue: Fernbrook Garden
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