"Rebellious" Wedding Preps

Gone are the days of cringe-worthy wedding preps photos (and videos) that catch the bride wearing rollers like Nyora Tentay, folks.  And it's about time!

Before we go into this oh-so-perfect wedding preps from Chinky & Paul's wedding, let me share something about my own wedding preps first--would you believe that I sort of "banned" our photo & video team to cover my wedding preps? I was just so afraid of being captured in the most unflattering of ways during the most special day of my life. I didn't want to be seen in rollers, or in before & after makeup photos, and all that sort of thing. I also wanted a chill time bonding with my girls and didn't want several cameras hovering over us as I try to calm my nerves. The team didn't like that though. They really didn't. They probably thought I was being a diva. But it forced them to be more creative though. Because they were able to capture some awesome footage outside of my preps. And in the end our photos & video were able to focus on the people, the island, and the story instead of me in rollers. 

And really, things are changing. The wedding preps take almost 3-5 hours and there's so much anticipation. Nowadays, brides and wedding artists put more thought into making wedding preps look more awesome. Whether it's a mini boudoir session with the bride, a badass shot of the groom with his boys, a "shoe porn" shot of the bridal shoes, or the use of props that go cohesively well with the wedding's tone and mood, the possibilities now are endless. 

And with that, we go into Chinky & Paul's wedding preps photos--which has got to be one of the most flawless and prettiest we've seen so far. Elegant with a hint of rebel. And so much attention to detail. Myio Okamoto Photography did an OUTSTANDING job on this one! 

I know you already have a lot to think about on your wedding day, girls. But the road to your wedding day has gotten you this far--so try to think of what you can do to make your preps special because it definitely gets immortalised alongside your ceremony and reception too.

Hotel Preps: Oakwood
HMUA: "Toto" Joel Bagamasbad
HMUA (for entourage): Kist and Makeup
Coordinator: Events: Simplified
Photographer: Myio Okamoto Photography
Flowers: Jacqs Floral Design Studio
Invitations: Invitation Designs By Kenneth Uy
 Bride's Gown: Rosa Clara
Groom's Suit: Joal Montelibano
Shoes for Bride and Groom: Dune

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