9 Couples Who Opted for Quirky Wedding Photos

Everyone has their own quirks. That's because everyone is unique. And when you name your photography team Quirky Creatives, then by law of attraction, you've practically claimed being, well, quirky. For us, that means there are more and more couples showing their real personalities. Being quirky doesn't just have to mean you are weird/kooky/wacky/crazy (but all these are good in our books!), it can also mean you are embracing your imperfections and loving yourselves for who you really are, no pretensions involved. It doesn't have to grand, sometimes, it's not even intentional, all you need are little details or a simple detour from the usual wedding expectations. 

Now, about the people behind Quirky Creatives, the great thing about them is that they don't even try too hard to be different. They're as real as they can get. Seeing them, you already know they are oozing with creativity. Noel Salazar, the owner and head photographer, the Quirky Man himself, is married to Rae Ventura-Salazar, who is a makeup artist and calls her team the Real Makeup Artisty. With their powers combined, they make for a great, comfortable team. With a creative husband and wife on the board your wedding team, you can never really go wrong. Just let the quirk flow!

"We love how we were able to be quirky and spontaneous with the Quirky Creatives team. When we decided that we wanted to have a photo shoot at this Mexican restaurant right after the church ceremony, they gladly obliged! The restaurant staff was surprised to see us in our wedding gown and suit ordering nachos! Turns out, most of our favorite photos were shot there :)"

 "We seldom go by the rules because we both hate being hemmed in by them. We showed off our quirky side on our wedding day by planning a super simple bash  - no frills. It was all about drinking and partying. Quirky Creatives even captured my husband's friends staging an impromptu concert that had the tipsy #TitasOfBicol (aunts of Bicol) dancing the night away!"

"He’s the rocker type. So wearing Converse Chuck Taylor was a must. Most of our guests wore Chucks, even the groom, the groomsmen, the flower girls, and me!
We also used  AC/DC's Thunderstruck and Dashboard Confessional's Stolen while walking down the aisle. 
To be genuinely and truly quirky for that day, we partnered with the quirkiest photography team that we knew. For how can our quirky and non-traditional wedding be captured properly if not with the quirky team of Quirky Creatives?"

"While we weren't bent on making our wedding too different, we decided to do something that raised a few eyebrows! We did a First Look with Quirky Creatives, which meant that we broke "tradition" and saw each other before the actual wedding. We're both not used to being in the spotlight, and seeing each other before the ceremony definetely helped us calm our nerves."

"We both like Star Wars, but I don’t think Karla understood the depth of my being a fanboy until we started talking about our wedding. We wanted to do things that reflected us, so after she got tired of me suggesting various Star Wars things we could do from the event design, to the cake, she agreed to have Star Wars in two things: lightsabers and music."

"For us, we showed our quirky side with all the details that were handmade -- from our wedding cord to the invitations to the fans that we lovingly stamped one by one. Those, plus the fact that JB wore a powder blue suit and I wore a pink wedding dress."

"Wedding days can be so stressful and exciting at the same time. But being able to work with a good team can turn the stress around.  The Quirky Creatives team did an awesome job at that. Their passion and ease to work with made it easier for me and my husband to express ourselves in front of the camera. Noel was very good at capturing all the crazy moments and expressions without you knowing it. Every action was free flowing and there were no restrictions! For me, that's the perfect formula to make photos quirky and fun! Plus, the team always found a way to encourage you to relax, that's why it was so easy to be ourselves. Also, since my husband hates being photographed, having a shot or two of alcohol helped, too!"

 "We chose suppliers whom we can comfortably show our real selves. Suppliers that are easy and fun to be with, so that we can have a quirky wedding.

Having Quirky Creatives for our photo coverage was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. From our prenup shoot to our wedding day, the quirky team gave us nothing but pure fun!"

"Never did we imagine that taking formal wedding photos can be so much fun and feel so natural. The Quirky Team was able to turn our wedding photos into priceless memories. They have a way of capturing unique photos that I never thought was possible. Their way of subtly directing and giving friendly suggestions helped us feel more relaxed and unrestrained. We felt "right-at-home" working with their team and it resulted in quirky photos we can be proud of for years to come!"

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