The Mojofly Engagement Session

Yes folks, WE ARE ALIVE!!! Sorry if it felt like we abandoned the blog. We've had some unavoidable technical difficulties (aka third world Internet problems) and it happens to the best of us. It's been frustrating. As in eye-twitching-stressed kind of scenario for the past few weeks. But let's just move on, shall we? And we have a good one today.

Samric Mante of Woodstock Cinema Shares:

 You guys remember the band Mojofly right? well yes, two of their band members are getting married!  That's Lougee, the vocalist. And Ali, the drummer! Woot!  Since this is an engagement video, you might probably think this is one of those cheesy, cliche type of videos. Oh no my friend, THIS IS NOT.

Nikk and Aia Photography shared some photos with us as well. And here are some of our favorites: 

Doesn't their engagement session feel like a music video in the making? Which is perfectly apt considering their backgrounds. Imagine being "band mates" and falling in love? That is just amazing. Can't wait to see the wedding! Congratulations on your engagement, Lougee and Ali!

Video by Woodstock Cinema (Get a 20% exclusive deal courtesy of our blog)
Photography by Nikk and Aia Photography
MUA by Jeorge Jocson

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