The WaW Online Bridal Fair

Photo by Quirky Creatives*

Not gonna lie. Blogging about Weddings at Work's online bridal fair is bittersweet for Rebellious Brides. Because we also thought of launching a similar concept some two years ago. Alas, it never materialized.  But because we fully support this rebellious movement to go digital, and because we have so much love and respect for WaW, that even if we are not the ones to launch this we still want to show our full support. 

Let's get this out of the way--we are actually very anti-bridal fair ever since we started the blog. There's just something about these fairs and how they've been organized in recent years that doesn't sit well with us. How many times have we heard of couples feeling stressed because of these bridal fairs, of couples who felt bombarded with all kinds of information, and of couples ending up with an impulse decision to book a dubious supplier who had a too-good-to-be-true, irresistible package? 

On the other side of the spectrum, how many times have we heard of suppliers get fed-up with bridal fair rates, the booths that they've had to spend for, the extra man power and (man hours) they've had to put-in, and end up not even getting a single booking for these fairs? 

Don't get us wrong. Bridal fairs have its own merits...but it's not for everyone. With the increasingly stressful traffic situation in Manila, and with the increasing rise of couples who are from abroad, an online digital fair makes so much sense. But a word of caution. As we speak, there are other organizations that are looking at this same model too. How do you know if it's credible? Well for starters you've got Weddings at Work's version of it to participate in, and it doesn't get as reliable as this. 

WaW has long been one of the strongest pillars of the Philippine wedding industry--a thriving community that has always supported suppliers in their path to success. Names like Jason Magbanua, Veluz, and Aisle 1401, just to name a few, have all had tremendous careers because of the community's undying support. And because WaW is loved by so many suppliers, they are only all too willing to provide attractive packages for WaW's online bridal fair. 

Gown by Veluz*
Makeup by The Makeup Studio*

The fair started last January 7, 2016 and will continue on until January 9. More than 90 amazing suppliers are included and there are a lot of awesome exclusive offers to be grabbed. Veluz is offering an unprecedented 20% off discount for her 2013-2015 RTW line--an offer that she says she's only willing to give to WaW's bridal fair. 

Photo by Quirky Creatives*
HMUA by REAL Makeup Artistry*

Quirky Creatives, a favorite here in our blog, is offering an exclusive all-in P50,000 package just for this fair as well. And Jason Magbanua is giving out a free teaser video! One thing is for sure, whatever budget you have for your upcoming wedding, you are sure to find quality suppliers in any price point. So grab this chance as fast as you can! Click HERE to visit the bridal fair. 

Congratulations to Benz and the entire team behind WaW! :)

*WaW Online Bridal Fair Participant 

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