5 Unique Wedding Ideas from the Raffles x Tiffany & Co. Bridal Soirée

Oh, Tiffany's. Is there any other jewelry brand as charmingly dazzling? 
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A few weeks ago, Raffles Hotel and Tiffany & Co. hosted an intimate bridal party called "Will You?" and we were absolutely quite smitten. The details of the event, which felt like a wedding reception, were a breathe of fresh air. There were a lot of ideas that were simply inspired and you too can learn a thing or two from their party. Here are our 5 favorite unique things from the Raffles x Tiffany & Co. event:

1. Colored Diamonds 

Let's start with the jewelry since this was a Tiffany & Co. event. T&CO. is celebrating their 150th anniversary this year so one of the highlights of the event was when they brought some of the jewelry brand's most iconic engagement rings for guests to try on and let's be honest....ogle at (lol). We particularly loved the fact that the most prized jewels on display were the yellow diamond engagement rings. It tells us that Tiffany's, while it remains to be a classic & timeless brand,  is still the innovator in the industry and it celebrates uniqueness in the most beautiful of ways. We will forever be fans of colored diamond engagement (and wedding) rings!

2. Delightful & Interactive Cocktail Activities/Giveaways


One of the things that couples are worried about is having lull moments during the cocktails part of the reception. We've seen a number of creative cocktail activities for the past few years and it's always interesting to find more new ideas. During this event, Raffles & Tiffany's had a bouquet area and a calligraphy area. At the bouquet area you could choose three types of flowers and they will make a bouquet out of your choices just for you. Once you receive your bouquet it comes with a handwritten note from the hosts. While at the calligraphy area on the other hand, you get a personalized note card where you can have pretty much anything scribbled in calligraphy right there and then. Not only are these activities quite delightful but guests can take them home so they can also serve as wedding favors. Oh and if you noticed from my last photo above, there's a Tiffany box on the left--that's actually a mini fondant cake and it's also a wonderful giveaway idea, no? 

3. An Intimate Party of 40

One of the things that absolutely impressed me about this soiree was how intimate it was. Not only was the guest list carefully selected but everyone could just mingle and get to know each other on such a personal level. Speeches were very thoughtful, whilst sharing their own love/engagement stories.

Right now, intimate weddings are getting more and more acceptable and we couldn't be more supportive of this awesome idea! 

4. A Cohesive Theme 

Tiffany's is one of the most popular themes for weddings and bridal showers. And this party was proof of how lovely this theme really is. But what made it even more interesting was how cohesive it was, down to the last detail. One of the unique surprises included having the theme incorporated on the menu itself. The dessert showcased a deconstructed cheese cake which had Tiffany-colored chocolate chips on it. Also, T&CO. collaborated with Raffles to come-up with a Tiffany inspired bridal shower high tea offering and the bejeweled pastries were just adorable! 

PS. This Tiffany inspired high tea is available at Raffles for the whole month! Check out their IG account for more details. 

5. Modern Cakes & Table Settings

During this bridal event, Raffles also launched its new bridal packages and featured some of the collaborations that they can do for couples. They showcased some modern themes that are definitely perfect for rebellious couples!

Which of these unique ideas excite you the most? Why not try one, or maybe all!


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