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There's much ado about Microblading/3D brows these days. I got mine done by wedding makeup artist Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin and I've been getting a lot of questions about it. So I decided I might as well blog about it. And of course, I will relate it to weddings, by concluding if this is something that we would recommend for brides, as part of your pre-wedding beauty preparations.

So let's begin by doing a little bit of background on my eyebrows--well I have ugly eyebrows if I say so myself. As kikay as I have always been, eyebrows were at the bottom of my priorities--if I am being completely honest. My monthly regimen has always been to have it threaded just to clean the newly growing hairs around my brows. Since I had little knowledge on what makes eyebrows look good, I never really realized that overtime, threading has made my eyebrows thin and sparse since I couldn't care less how the people from the salon were doing it as long as it looked clean in my books.

I also have one brow that is naturally arched high, while the other one is not angled making me look bitchier than usual. With all of these issues, I have a hard time drawing my brows. And more often the not, I'd give up on fixing them and just crop my brows out if I'm doing selfies. LOL. So when   Rebellious Bride Mica introduced me to makeup artist Mayone's PhiBrows Microblading services, I was curious to say the least.

I have already seen a lot of blogs on microblading and don't want to replicate whatever is already written out there. So let me just list down the things that I think are relevant for you to know in a simpler write-up:

1. PhiBrows is a technique originally a European technique and there are licensed PhiBrows Artists here in the Philippines.

2. There are a lot of PhiBrows artists out there and my rule of thumb if you are confused on who to get, is to find someone that has a background in makeup. I think that for obvious reasons, shaping the brows need both technical and artistic skills, and makeup artists have an edge on this since they are used to drawing a client's brows than most. This is why I worked with Mayone because she is a reputable makeup artist in the wedding industry.

 Makeup by Mayone 
Photo by Aaron Ebio

3. What sets PhiBrows apart is that the procedure is done manually so it achieves a more natural look.

4. So how does the procedure go?
 a) It starts with symmetrically drawing your eyebrows. Everything is calculated to the hilt and there's even an app to check if the brows were drawn correctly.
b) Once the brows are traced, the second phase begins and this is when pigments are drawn by manually etching it in single strokes into your brows by using a micro blade (hence the term microblading). The artist will go over each stoke for a total of 3 times, with the 2 other passes done with topical anesthesia. So if you are wondering if it hurts, it will hurt during the first pass but for the second and third passes it is painless.
c) After the microblading part, the artist will apply the rest of the pigments all over your eyebrows just for good measure and then clean everything up.

5. If you are wondering about quality, the pigments used are vegan -- this was also a concern for me because I have very sensitive skin. So I'm happy to inform you that I did not breakout or anything like that so I think the pigments used are great. Everything is sterilized and very sanitary, and they are very particular about post-treatment care.

6. The result is immediate and you will get instant "eyebrows on fleek" when you wake-up the next day

 The "After" photo was taken the morning right after the procedure when I had just woken up.

7. At first, I was skeptical about the results because I am not used to having fuller brows but now I enjoy it and have fully embraced having stronger brows.

8. I did think that getting the procedure means I wouldn't have to draw on my brows anymore but I still do because I am now obsessed with it lol. But now it's easier and it has empowered me to be more confident when I fix my own brows.

9. The results are very natural and will fade overtime. Mine is actually already a little bit faded but don't worry! There is still a re-touch as part of the whole service.

10. So what's my verdict? Yes, I do recommend for brides to do this procedure and it's something that will go a long way even after the wedding--all the way to your honeymoon and other milestones! However, since there is still a re-touch and there will be a little bit of downtime involved, I would recommend having the procedure done at least 6 months in advanced. So that come wedding day, you are already comfortable physically and emotionally with your new "brows on fleek!"

For more details, visit this link:
And to contact Mayone, here's her number: 09178106291

Photo Credits Above: PhiBrows Youtube Page

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