"Rising Tide"

For almost one year, the blog has been silent. But you guys never faltered. Views are up. Support from the wedding industry is overwhelming. Social media is at a turning point. 

One of these days, we will share with you the honest-to-goodness reason why we kept silent for a year. But for now, let us tell you that we are back with a vengeance. 

For a year we've been figuring out how to evolve the blog. And one of the things that we wanted to do is to expand the categories that we can write about. For one thing, RB Mica and I are exploding with more ideas that go beyond the usual wedding features. And on the other hand, we realize that other wedding details get lost in templated features which is not fair to makeup artists, or florists, or even the caterer. We also understand that you guys WANT and NEED to know more about these details. And that's really the reason why we've come up with a plan to develop new categories in the blog. Here's a rundown of the categories that you will be expecting:

All things wedding styling for brides, grooms, entourage, and even guests

All things related to makeup, hair, and skincare for before, during, and after the wedding

All things related to wedding menus, cocktails, cakes, and everything yummy in-between

All things related to wedding bouquets, styling, tablescapes, invites, DIYs, and all the other details you want to add on your big day

All things related to honeymoon ideas, destination weddings, shoot locations, and other trips 

And we will still have our current categories on features, concepts/ideas, and of course our infamous controversial write-ups (which we haven't done in a while but we have some eyebrow-raising musings coming your way)

And all the content for these categories are going to be expanded on Instagram and Youtube 

Along with these categories, we will also be changing the blog design soon. For now, we just wanted to announce that we will expand the blog's content and you will see the blog evolve over the next few weeks and months. 

It took us a year to finally push through with this idea. One of the hurdles was the fact that we wanted a total overhaul of our blog and brand right away. Which we are now understanding, is not necessarily a good thing because you tend to overthink and delay things and you miss out on the "now" and being present. The thing is, we've actually always had these types of content since we launched in 2011 but it just wasn't archived or deliberately communicated that way. At the end of the day, we've always been a personal blog, and with personal blogs it's inevitable to see the raw evolution of the space. It's more real, authentic, and intimate that way. So we are dropping the idea of a big overhaul and just keep churning out content as we slowly transition. So join us in this new journey, rebels. It's going to be one helluva ride once again.   

RB Kai 

PS. The title of the blog is also a foreshadowing of more things to come *wink*

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