4 Simple Ways To Fit Your Personality Into Your Wedding

Think of a wedding and generic image will pop into your mind. There’s a baroque, ornate church with a bride in a white, fluffy gown 
and a groom in a suit with tails. Tradition is a big thing and couples like to follow it to the letter. However, what you might realize 
now you’re engaged to be wed is that this isn’t your style. Everyone is different and has a unique identity. And, it would be remiss 
of you not to tie your character into the big day somehow. Otherwise, the experience won’t be as magical.

Here are four helpful hints.
Dress To Impress (Yourself)

Brides and grooms defer to tradition because it seems like the right thing to do. Well, this is your day and you can dress however 
you like. No one gets to judge or pull a confused face or even raise their eyebrows. Instead, the guests and the wedding party have 
to conform to your narrative. So, use this opportunity to get creative. Are you an indie/hipster sort of guy and gal? If so, you can 
swap pants for black jeans and shoes for Converse. Try and mix a wedding with the colors and styles you wear in everyday life.

Keep It Minimal

Weddings are lavish, chic affairs and it’s daunting. Not only that, it’s not enjoyable when the people who are supposed to be super 
happy are unconvinced. You see it at ceremonies all the time when the food arrives. On the plate, there are jellies and creams and 
foams and all sorts of modern cuisine concoctions, yet it’s not tasty. Simply Elegant wedding catering can change all of that in 
a heartbeat. The presentation is modern and current, yet the flavors are deep and wholesome. Umm, just the way you like it. 
There should be some choice but not too much.

Go Wanderlusting

Are you a traveler? Did you and your hubby-to-be traverse the globe taking in the sights and sounds? There are plenty of 
examples of marriages which started way back in Australia or Europe or wherever the in place was to backpack at the time. 
So, you will want to embrace this aspect of your relationship and pay homage because it’s the starting point. It’s hard to 
do, yet it isn’t impossible. The trick is to get married abroad, maybe the place where you first met? Or, you can choose a beach 
ceremony overlooking the sea. Being in a foreign country will make it feel like traveling.

Scratch The Disks

Music is probably one of the things that define your personality the most. Some songs are reminders of your childhood, and 
others feel as if they were written about you. Unfortunately, couples with an eclectic taste like their preferences to take a 
backseat to include all the guests. Nana can’t jive to Nirvana. Try and get a mix by selecting songs of your favorite genre 
which are slow or not as dark or general anthems.

Don’t you want your big day to feel comfortable and familiar?

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