A Love Letter On Marriage

Today is the 11th anniversary of when my husband and I first met.
A cheesy anniv that we quietly celebrate on just how vividly we remember that serendipitous moment. 11 years ago, I would never have guessed what would follow next. Never would have guessed I'd be married to my husband not once, but four times as of 2018 lol. Would never have guessed that we'd travel to the most far flung  parts of the world. Would never have guessed that we'd be co-parenting, and "furrenting" as well. Would never guess that we'd be renovating our home TWICE. Speaking of renovation, this is our latest project as a married couple. The guys over at Woodstock Cinema was cool enough to make a video of this little fixer upper journey that ran for almost eight months. This home renovation is a love letter on our marriage. What we've been able to do together so far and what we can still do for the years to come. We live by some very simple marriage rules. Live together at its fullest, but also have a sense of contentment. We are always having fun, always creating things together, going on little dates in our home. It's a life and marriage I would never have thought possible but have longed for as well.


If you are wedding planning right now, here's one piece of advice. Though the wedding is a wonderful day (I mean you are talking to a wedding addict here), do not overspend. You can always make it your own...but never ever spend beyond your means. When you are spending 6-7 figures on wedding styling alone-- a budget for something that won't even last for 24 hours, a budget that could actually renovate an entire home, that will last for years to come, then you might have to take a step back and contemplate on what matters the most. Focus on the home you are about to live in together. Build and decorate your home with as much (if not with MORE) passion as when you were creating Pinterest boards and obsessing over every detail of your wedding.

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