Planning An Asian Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a perfect way for a couple to get started in their married life together. It gives them the opportunity to start making memories that will last forever, with a number of stunning and romantic destinations all over the globe offering the perfect setting for the trip of a lifetime.

When it comes to organizing and planning the honeymoon, there are many, many things you must think about and consider before you make your final decision on the destination. The world is a big old place, and is full of all different kinds of locations that can provide people with an unforgettable trip. Personal preference is of course often going to play a large part in the final decision, but other factors like willingness to travel and preferred activities or entertainment can also be important things to consider.

Things like how long people want to stay will also be important to consider and discuss, as well as the sort of general atmosphere a couple is looking for – are they after a chilled and relaxing beach holiday, or something more exciting and lively like an extended city break? Another massive factor that must be decided is the budget, both in terms of travel and spending money. With cheap tickets available for flights around the globe nowadays, the world really is an oyster for many couples.

The continent of Asia is one that many will come to associate with natural beauty and diversity, and it is an area of the planet that offers a number of startlingly  
beautiful and memorable honeymoon locations. Take Koh Samui, for example. Thailand’s second largest city after the capital Phuket, Koh Samui is one of the 
numbers of beautiful and accessible islands in the area. All of these islands are perfectly suited for romantic getaways. Moreover, if you are wondering where 
to find flights to Koh Samui, you will be pleased to know it’s easier and cheaper than ever before.

Or, you could head to Bangkok for your honeymoon, and then simply spend a few days on one of the islands. Why should you visit Bangkok?
Street food – There is only one place to begin when it comes to Bangkok and this is with the delicious street food you will find around every corner. Not only 
is Thai street food scrumptious, but there is so much to choose from as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment. From soup made with bird saliva to barbecued duck 
tongues; you are going to be in for a surprise.

Weather – if hot weather is a must for your holiday destination you have nothing to worry about when visiting Bangkok. The highest temperatures can be found 
between March and May. This is the end of the dry period, which begins in November.

Shopping – If you love to shop then you are going to love Bangkok. One of the best things about shopping in Thailand’s capital city is the diversity that is on 
offer. From big shopping malls to market-line shops; there is no way you won’t be able to find what you are looking for.

Rooftop bars – The rooftop bars in Bangkok are truly spectacular. Enjoy a cocktail or a nice glass of wine whilst you have stunning views of the incredible city. 
This is an experience you will never forget.

 Temples – Bangkok is well known for having a huge number of outstanding temples. You should definitely make sure you incorporate at least one into your trip. 
Wat Pho is one of the most famous because it boasts the incredible reclining Buddha which measures in at 46 metres long and 15 metres high – a must see!

Museums – Last but not least, there is a great selection of museums in Bangkok. The Bangkok Corrections Museum is an excellent example. This museum 
highlights methods of execution and torture and is set in the remains of an old prison. 

The Maldives is another example of an idyllic Asian honeymoon location; the continent’s smallest country (by both land mass and population) is situated in the 
Indian Ocean. The Maldives are recognized around the world for their incredible beauty, and also the opportunity they give tourists to enjoy the world-class 
scuba diving opportunities. With floating bungalows and other honeymoon resorts to be found situated on the crystal blue oceans, the Maldives is a destination 
that is sure to stay with all those who visit for a very long time. 

Bali, for a third example, is Indonesia’s most popular island with tourists, and is also recognized as one of the top locations anywhere in the world for a 
honeymoon. With the exotic setting boasting volcanoes, private beaches, rainforests, and much, much more, it is yet another perfect, romantic destination. 
Or, what about Singapore?  Tampines property is worth looking at if Singapore appeals to you. It’s a place offering the perfect blend between luscious green 
beauty and fast-forward innovation.
So, for a couple looking for the perfect, romantic honeymoon break, they need look no further than the stunning continent of Asia, and the wealth of possibilities 
it has on offer. The places that have been mentioned merely scratch the surface of the different honeymoon-worthy destinations across Asia. One thing is for 
certain: you are bound to have a memorable time no matter where you choose. And hopefully, this blog post has helped you in terms of planning your vacation.

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