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Getting invited to a wedding is certainly something to get excited about. The first thing that any woman thinks about when they receive a wedding invitation is what they are going to wear.

Weddings provide the perfect opportunity for a spontaneous shopping spree. Most guests at a wedding tend to wear pretty dresses rather than two-piece outfits. And only the very, very brave wear white as this obviously tends to be the colour which is worn by the bride. This article will provide a helping hand to anybody who is attending a wedding sometime soon or in the future by advising on what to look for when buying dresses for weddings.

Floral patterns are perfect for those attending a wedding, and what’s more, is that they are bang on trend at the moment. When opting for a floral dress it is best to go for something feminine and floating. After all, flowers are a girly attribute and thus it is best to play to this strength. Pale colours are best when going for a floral dress, so look out for ivory, mint green, rose pink and baby blue. However, when attending a winter wedding look for something which has a slight splash of a darker colour involved, such as deep purple or midnight blue.

Dresses with ruched details are great for weddings. For those who like to go for something simplistic rather than something fussy or patterned, then a plain block colour dress with a ruched centre is perfect as the dress is simple yet still fashionable and striking due to the detail in the fabric. When it comes to picking a colour for these sorts of dresses then it really is up to the person in question’s taste, however, a candy pink is always a great option.

Furthermore, belted dresses have been in trend for a while now and they are a great way to add fashion and glamour yet maintain class and sophistication. Go for a belted dress which has a thin belt rather than a thick one, as thick belts tend to be too distracting and they take away the beauty of the actual dress. It is also advisable to go for a vibrant colour when attending a wedding, because this sort of dress can look like office wear if it is worn in dark colours such as black or navy blue.

When it comes to dress length it is advisable to go for a midi dress. Midi dresses are perfect because they find the right balance and they have a chic look to them. Mini dresses can often be too short and uncomfortable to wear for the occasion. Maxi dresses are a beautiful option for those who want to wear a long flowing dress, however when it comes to keeping all options available midi dresses do the trick. Also, make sure you’re comfortable, whether this means wearing Bausch + Lomb contact lenses rather than wearing your typical glasses, or going for a small heel; you want to enjoy yourself!
Hopefully, this article will have provided some suggestions and tips for those who have a wedding shopping spree in their midst.

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