We Can Be Heroes

A Rebellious Bride who allowed for her groom to wear a Batman mask on their wedding day is a bride we would definitely want to hang out with. Paloma is one such bride and more. The bride wore two wedding gowns on her wedding in Madrid, Spain.  One of the gowns was her grandma's vintage nightdress deconstructed with satin and lace. And the other she handcrafted along with her friends from Spanish brand Suma Cruz. The boys from the wedding party were allowed to wear Spiderman outfits  -- and let me tell you, there's nothing more a little boy would want to do during a grown-up party. This wedding was full of love, life, and laughter in the most effortless way possible.

It's always heroic when two people have the courage to get married--but it takes super heroes to make the wedding rebellious.

Salud to Paloma and Edu!


First dress (ceremony): made from a vintage nightdress (from her grandmother) in satin and lace plus a top by Suma Cruz

Second dress (party): Suma Cruz

Headpieces: Suma Cruz

Shoes: Uterqüe http://www.uterque.com/es/en/

Makeup: Regina Capdevila https://reginacapdevila.com/

Bouquet: Margarita se llama mi amor https://www.facebook.com/MargaritasellamamiamorFlores

Wedding ring: Aristocrazy http://www.aristocrazy.com/en/

 Groom Eduardo Costume: Hackett https://www.hackett.com/

Cufflinks: Suma Cruz

Photos: Sara Lobla http://saralobla.com/

Video "We Can Be Heroes" by Un par de medias http://unpardemedias.com/

Venue: Finca La Chopera http://www.complejolachopera.com/

Invitations (stationery): Cristina from Weddcam http://www.weddcam.es/

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