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Fairy tales have implanted a certain longing for girls to get married in a grandiose, Disney-princess kind of way. And although there is nothing wrong with that at all (because Cinderella-ish weddings are also awesome! ), not all girls grow up to be the bride they thought they would be.

Meet The Rebellious Bride. She finds that she longs for more than the usual wedding lists and lusts. She craves for something new, something to defy in order to define (her personality, her groom's...their bond). 

The Rebellious Bride is not aiming for a "timeless" wedding. She is aiming to capture her wedding in a "time capsule." A perfect 'screen capture' or 'Polaroid' of how she and husband are like during that point in time. She wants to be able to tell her grandchildren the story of her purple bridal dress or how she insisted on a wedding inside a children's museum.

The Rebellious Bride and her groom aren't exactly like those two perfect porcelain couple on top of the cake. In fact, they might even forgo that cake topper or go for a chocolate tower instead. They bend the rules not for the sake of bending it, but in order to be who they are--imperfect people who found someone perfect for them :)

We dedicate this blog to all the brides who have the guts to say, "I don't care what other people say." Because of you, we will work our asses off to find inspirations beyond the cookie-cutter weddings. We applaud you for even looking at this site and embracing being a Rebellious Bride. And once again, we are not competing with the Traditional Bride. Think of this as an Alcoholic Anonymous for Brides where you realize you're not alone in this world. Our dear Rebellious Bride...we are here for you--you and your creative *topak!


Photo by Mango Red
Being a Rebellious Bride is not about defying convention per se, just so people would say "Shet ang cool mo!". No. That's not quite it. Being a Rebellious Bride, is about creating your own rules and your own traditions for YOUR OWN WEDDING because you feel it in your heart that this is what YOU and YOUR GROOM want and not what society, your parents, or the wedding magazines have carved out for you.

The Rebellious Bride is an empowered bride who can cleverly "outwit" supposed wedding rules---not to spite or disregard the people around her. On the contrary, she challenges the so-called wedding rules to be able to have her own dream wedding because she already grew up being told on what to do, trying to be the perfect daughter, the perfect friend, the perfect Catholic school girl and for once in her life, she wants her own happy day where she can be her pure self without walking on thin glass.

Just because The Rebellious Bride is rebellious, it does not mean she is a bridezilla who does not have breeding. The Rebellious Bride is poised, classy, and chic -- she just has more guts and pizazz =P

The Rebellious Bride, is not out there to "compete" with the Traditional Bride. She just wants to have her own voice. The Traditional Bride already has millions of references and support to help her create her traditional wedding. The Rebellious Bride on the other hand, needs to search hard to look for her own niche to help her unleash her rebellious side, and give her the strength to carry out her "Rebellious Plans" --mwahahahahahah!

Do you have your own definition of a Rebellious Bride? Share it with us at or leave a comment in this post :)

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    Hmmm obviously I've never been a bride, but have met quite a memorable few. The heart of 'rebelliousness' is certainly the passion for expression, and expression never requires perfection. Oftentimes, the perfect wedding for some is what may have worked for others, and where the couple's personalities only fill in the gaps of a ready-made-done-already-and-cool masterplan.

    The perfect wedding for a rebellious bride is putting her money where her heart is, on a plan that embraces both their souls and not just what usually works for everybody. These brides scream vision, not just purpose. And personally experiencing these weddings riddled with thoughtful ideas and peculiar quirks that challenge convention draws you in, with clear answers that resonate who the couple really is. For them it's not just putting on an expensive gown and a dapper suit, it's all about wearing their intricate paper hearts on their sleeves (with good taste of course!) on their most important day as a couple.

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    haha this is cool!

    congrats on this! im sure this will be a hit blog!

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    a rebellious bride is: someone who doesn't follow the traditional wedding details and preps, she can still get inspiration from the books and magazines and makes her own twist of things from her gown, to her invites up to the way the food is presented. It does not have to be totally radical but it should be different from everybody else in his/her own interpretation.

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    Rebellious Bride = shares the same mindset as the fashion icons who dress for themselves, without care nor thought for others' opinions. Rarely do they disappoint because they instinctively go with what works for them and people can only marvel at their originality of vantage point and at how only they can pull it off. Cheers to the rebellious bride for being walking-talking-demos of the movie line "Leave great enough alone!"

  6. The rebellious one

    A rebellious bride is a visionary! Imagines what she likes and makes it real. The rebel who’s confident to make her ideas and creativity work and doesn’t care to what others have to say… because it’s her wedding ☺ A rebellious bride is the true bride, someone who is not afraid to show how crazy they are! :D

  7. What makes a Rebellious Bride?..... a rebellious person, that simple. =)

    The "rebelliousness" can't be just turned on like a switch; it is rooted in her. Her purpose is not to defy convention, but to do what she finds natural to her character and style.

    I am very lucky to find a woman like this. I married one of these so-called-rare of a creature labeled as a “Rebellious Bride”. Although, before the snazzy nomenclature, she was a creative and passionate girlfriend, and before that, she was an original unconventional type of gal, and so on…. So, to cut this definition short, a rebellious bride is a girl that just wanna have fun.. =)

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  10. A rebellious bride thinks out of the box. She knows who she is as a person and lets her personality and individuality shine through amidst the age old traditions that confines weddings (especially in our country). She takes note of what other people say but in the end still decides to do it her way and sticks by her guns no matter what other people say. She is happy because she did things that would make her happiest on her special day. At the end of the wedding, the guests got to know who SHE IS not just the bride, as she was able to show her true self through the celebration of her love and the start of her new life with the man she wed. :)

  11. A rebellious bride makes her wedding PERSONALIZED. You make your wedding memories based on WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT YOU NEED & WHAT APPEALS TO YOU and not based on the TYPICAL or TRADITIONAL WEDDING or based on what other people dictates. YOUR WEDDING - YOUR RULES! A rebellious bride keeps changing her mind until she gets what she thinks is perfect for her wedding :)A rebellious bride squeezes ALL her creative juices to think what is PERFECT FOR HER REBELLIOUS WEDDING :)

  12. Thanks for your definitions guys!

    Keep it 'comin! :)