Rebellious Bride - Nonie

“Do not do what’s been done.”

Spoken like a true rebel, Nonie refused to be tied down by tradition when she got married to Armin in 2008. From her DIY invites to her less than 10k bridal dress to her rebellious suppliers, her wedding was definitely of the rebel kind.

One of the most rebellious part of Nonie’s wedding was an AVP made by her ninong, director Erik Matti. You have to see it and witness the irreverence to believe it.

I won’t write much since Nonie is a professional writer. Here’s more from our dear, rebellious bride:

Rebellious Brides: What was the reaction during the video showing?

Nonie: "It became the highlight of the wedding. People were laughing and raving about it. They even gave a 'standing ovation' to the director. They said even if we only had that video in the program and nothing else, our wedding would still be memorable and unique."

RB: What part of your wedding did you think made you anti- tradition?

Nonie: "Many parts! I made sure my invite (a message in a bottle) made impact and set the tone for the wedding. My entourage wore floral dresses instead of the usual solid colors, which took out the need for them to hold flowers. My wedding march songs were not the cheesy or 'template' songs you'd always hear in a wedding. We did away with the usual wedding trads like cake-cutting & wine-drinking. I spent time w/ details such as the table wine-cum-table-marker-cum-love story backgrounder; short background stories for my entourage as they were introduced during the reception; welcome gifts for my overnight guests. Almost every detail was DIY. And of course, hiring MangoRED was the most rebellious of them all."

The entourage were in floral dresses so there was no need to hold flowers -- Oo nga naman!
Photo by Mango Red

Almost everything in Nonie's wedding was DIY
Photo by Mango Red

RB: What's your message for other brides?

Nonie: "It's your day. Not your parents' day. Not your mother-in-laws day. Do all the things your wedding dreams are made of. Don't be afraid to break the rules. Don't be afraid that your wedding won't be 'timeless' with all the anti-traditions you want to infuse in it. Timeless is just a word our moms & titas use for 'safe' & 'boring'. But of course, when you want to break the rules, it must be because you want it, not because it's 'cool'."

Rebellious Bride Nonie
Photo by Mango Red

-- mica

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