Countdown to 9-10-11 : The Flashcard Invite

Hello, peeps! I haven’t blogged not because I’m being rebellious but because there’s been a whirlwind of work, side line, mortgage and of course, our wedding preps :D

There are still some errands to finish (we’re crammers) but it’ll all wind down before month’s end and we’ll get to relax soon. For now, we’re spinning like tops with stress and excitement!

Oh, where were we (dizzy much)? Ah yes, the invite! We’ve been getting a LOT of great feedback and it is just plain awesome. Of course, we’d like to thank certain people for making that invite possible. But first, let’s backtrack a bit.

Our theme didn’t start out to be inspired by Little Rascals. But if you’ve seen our Prenup (and soon our album), you’ll see that we just wanted things to be fun and playful.

Album by Mango Red

Eventually, we wanted to define “playful” and added kiddie elements. So our Save the Date e-vite was a flashcard. (We’ve been getting warnings that our wedding might look like a kiddie party. So what?)

Anyway, I actually wanted a D-I-Y invite but my bridesmaids have already cut way too many felt fabrics and Japanese paper that they might just strangle me if I added more projects. So…I decided to not waste the Save the Date card and extend it to a deck.

Since the first card was done already, I showed it to Fozzy Dayrit of fame. She does calligraphy and her handwriting is always seen in Heima’s posters. She cascaded the card into a super cute set.

You’ve seen the invites from Kai’s teaser but here’s a closer look!

Copy by Mica
Art Direction by Raizel Go
Designed by Raizel Go and Fozzy Castro-Dayrit
Printed by Creative Two

Much thanks to Marc's sister Faye and brother-in-law Mike for sponsoring the invite printing cost.

Tom, I’ll blog about the fashion and styling for the wedding: Ballet Chic for women, Suit and Sneakers for Men and Non-floral elements.

Watch out for that! Stay rebelliously happy!


  1. Super Cute Mica! Very Creative! :-)

  2. thanks, cheska! i bet yours will come out great! just holler if you need help ;)

  3. We have an idea na nga eh because of ur invitation hahahaha! :-)