Rebellious Brides to the Rescue!

We have come to help you save your wedding! :)
We've received another wonderful email from one of our rebellious readers and we'd like to reply with a special blog post :)

Here are snippets from her email:

Honestly, at first, my fiance and I were having second thoughts to hold our wedding in Boracay because of financial issues. But a beach wedding has been our dream wedding ever since plus our love story began in Boracay. So the place has a sentimental meaning to us. After canvassing rates in resorts in Boracay, my heart almost fell when we found out that it is way beyond our budget. (We already have 3 kids, so budget wise, we really need to squeeze it). Then 1 evening, while crying out of frustration, I came across your blog, I SWEAR YOUR BLOG IS HEAVEN SENT!!! It enlightened me so much, that after reading it, my fiance and I became firm with our decision, that we will hold our wedding in Boracay.....

....I tried calling Amanda Tirol, unfortunately, she can no longer accommodate us on our chosen wedding date (we can no longer change dates cos we have balikbayan friends who already booked their flights for that weekend only). I know I'm screwed without Amanda. :( Another "boo boo" that we came across with was when booking the church. The only available time was 5:30 PM and 10 AM. Other slots were already taken. (Again I cried after hearing this) So we just decided to get the 10AM slot but cocktails and reception still 4PM onwards. Now, I am trying to figure out how to say it nicely to our guests.

Right now, we're busy with the whole wedding preps. We decided on having a small wedding. 50 people closest to us both family and friends. Along the preps, I have discovered a lot of things that I do and don't want. Both my fiance and I don't want a traditional wedding reception. Just to give you an idea, for cocktail hours, we're not serving cold cuts, but instead, we're serving chori burger, isaw, barbecue etc. We don't want to have a program. So now, that's another issue we are trying to resolve since we don't know what to do during reception. I don't want a cake. I don't want flowers. We both don't want a pre-nuptial pictorial. And this creeps out my friends. I just simply tell them, I'm not the typical bride. :) Plus I just realized last night while reading the Rebellious Bride, I am not satisfied with the wedding gown my designer has designed for me. So now I'm thinking of changing designers. Plus I'm now having seconds thoughts about the outfit of our entourage. Original plan for the entourage was a 7 way jersey dress in Midnight blue (that's the motif). Then I saw your post about Hindy. Now I want my entourage to wear something printed and sheer! I was thinking, where else can you pull off an entourage wearing sheer other than the beach? Right? And now I don't know what I want for my wedding gown.

That's it for now. I really hope you can help me :) Your Rebellious Bride site is such a good idea :) I'm sure you'll go a long way :)

A message from Rebellious Bride Mica:

Hi Peewee,

You are a true rebellious bride! We're proud of you for embracing being different and setting aside cares for what other people say and going with what you and your fiance really want. We've said this so many times and we'll say it again. It's your wedding ;)

I really, really love the idea of "un-cocktails" (you just made me crave for Chori burgers). Just like you, our upcoming wedding will have unconventional appetizers: fish balls, sisig and party sandwiches (with peanut butter and jelly variety!). So go for it and surprise your guests! After all, your wedding should be reflective of your one-of-a-kind personalities. Topak kung topak!

Bring the BomBom experience in your reception!
For the reception, I advice that you do something as fun as your appetizers. Maybe you should serve ice cold beer to go with the chori and isaw! It can also be laid back so just hire a reggae band or the performers from BomBom (a reggae bar) to provide entertainment while you and your guests drink away. After all, people just mostly chill in Bora under stars :) You can also have a Mongolian bar, so people can make their own dish. Well, that's what I have top of mind but let us know how else can we help!

Go for it, rebellious bride! Good luck!

A message from me :)

Dear Peewee,

Thank you for your email and yes, we are here for you and we have come to your rescue! :) 

First of all, congratulations on your engagement and congratulations as well for finally deciding on doing it in Boracay--I commend you for fighting for your dream wedding. We love your ideas and below you will see more recommendations from us, which we hope you will find useful. 

Regarding your coordination---it's really a shame that Amanda is already booked on your date. But I would have to reiterate that coordination is very crucial ESPECIALLY for a destination wedding. Here are some suggestions on how to troubleshoot this: First, ask Amanda if she can give you a second team. Normally she wouldn't allow this because she wants to be hands-on. But again, better than not having her on board. Secondly, there are other coordinators in the island. I cannot vouch for them but it's better than not having a coordinator at all. OR, check w/ Sur if they have an in-house person who can assist you as well. They might ask for extra service fee, but again, better than not having a coordinator at all. Lastly, and this is probably your last resort, hire a coordinator from Manila--Teena Barretto, if I am not mistaken, is more than well equipped to do coordination in Boracay and she is good friends w/ Amanda. Please don't feel hopeless and try to solve it because you really need all the help you can get. I know that you are on a budget, but coordination is something you need to invest on, for your peace of mind, and so that you can enjoy your big day.

And without further adieu, here are some tips from us :)


I completely understand the dilemma you are in when it comes to the budget because there are fixed costs that you need to set aside for such as airfares, accommodations, and per diem for your suppliers (and maybe even some of the guests), plus there are out-of-town-rates, transportation allowances, etc etc. But believe you me, my Boracay wedding is still cheaper than most weddings in Manila. So it's all about priorities. 

Instead of ceremony decors, opt for usable props
First of all, you are in Boracay because you love the island. This is your backdrop for your wedding. Which means you won't need any further styling and other frou frou. Let the island guide you. For instance, if you are having a church ceremony, I don't think the church would need further decorating. Instead, provide your guests with beautiful handmade hand fans to help them beat the heat. This in itself can already serve as your decorations. 

Since you are not fond of flowers, style your entourage instead with locally crafted shell necklaces and bracelets and again, this can already serve as your decorations + you will have eliminated the budget for bouquets + it can already serve as entourage gifts--so meaning you've already saved a lot from this! 

Boracay is abundant with affordable ideas. If you haven't already done a wedding ocular trip, I suggest that you have one, and just walk around D'Mall and the Station 3 area and see what you can incorporate in your wedding :)


Dilemma #1 is how to say it to your guests that the ceremony is at 10:00AM and the reception is at 4:00PM right? Or better yet, what to do during that downtime. Don't worry because this is perfectly fine. You guys are in Boracay my dear! The guests should be more than okay to have a laidback vibe and will enjoy the beauty of the island in all of its glory. But nevertheless, here are suggestions on what to do during this downtime:

10:00AM -11:00 AM - Wedding Ceremony

Use your downtime by giving
your guests their own
portrait session
Portrait by Mango Red
11:00AM - 1:00PM - Have a portrait session for your guests. Ask them to be in their most fabulous beach bum outfits because they will have their very own special pictorial session! I did this for my second wedding, and I think that guests appreciate that you have also taken the time to give them their own time to shine.

1:00PM - 4:00PM - For you and your husband (and kids), use this time to have your own pictorials done (since you gave the time for your guests first). You didn't want a prenup session so use this time to just have fun with your photo shoot. The photographer can just follow you around as you spend your time with your husband and kids, and let them capture this private moment with you.

As for your guests, give them this 3 hours to have an extended lunch (or maybe even an early happy hour, or massage time). To guide them, you can provide tips on where to go, and you can even give discount coupons. If you have favorite restaurants in the island, put it in a DIY flyer that says: "Our foodie list in Boracay" and then give it away. You can also provide a list that says "When in Bora..." then you put there things they can do like: Cool off with a glass of Jonah's shake, Get a massage in front of the beach, get a henna tattoo, etc. etc.

Provide tips & coupons for your guests so that
they know what to do from 1:00PM - 4:00PM
Photo by Mango Red

Heartfelt speeches are more than enough
to make a program memorable and substantial
Photo by Toto Villaruel
Dilemma #2 is what to do with the program right? Mica's suggestions are right on the mark--you are already having "un-cocktails" so continue it with an "un-reception"! Our True Food dinner, was very simple. NOOOOOO traditional reception ek ek whatsoever. But it was very heartfelt. Very powerful. We simply introduced each and every guest (since there were only 35 we wanted everyone to know each other), we had the chef talk about the food then we had dinner, then we started on the speeches. We had a total of 7 people talk about us (Our coordinator, our videographer, 2 best men, 1 matron-of-honor, my dad, and my husband's mom), then we gave away best-dressed awards, then my husband gave a speech, and them me. Then we ended it with a showing of our wedding documentary video. If you don't have an AVP, that's completely fine. But since you guys met in Boracay, it would be cute to have a video that would reenact this.

Firedance show at Bamboo Lounge
Photo by Mango Red
After our True Food dinner, we had a fire dance show at the Bamboo Lounge. Since we went there, we didn't have to pay for the fire dance show. So if you and your guests are game to have like a spur-of-the-moment detour, you guys can just walk to Bamboo Lounge to take a peek of the fire dance show. But if you are willing to spend for it, then you can hire a group to do it in your reception venue. As Mica suggested, you can also hire a performer from BomBom :)


Photography by Mark Cantalejo
Mark Cantalejo for Photography

I don't know if you already have a photographer but for your wedding, we would recommend getting Cebu-based photographer, Mark Cantalejo. Mark is really, REALLY good (plus, he would be perfect for having the portrait sessions!) and his rates are very reasonable. Plus, since you are flying him from Cebu to Boracay, tickets are most likely to be cheaper for you. As added tip, get him for a service-only fee. For your album, you can easily create your own (Click here for related article).

Mica & Me
Gown by Hindy Weber Tantoco
Photo by Mango Red
Mica Tuano for Make-Up

We are not just suggesting Mica just because she's one of us. Haha. But her services are quite reasonable and she makes for great company! She'll be like a pseudo maid-of-honor who will never leave your side. PLEASE DO NOT GET A MAKE-UP ARTIST FROM THE ISLAND. I won't elaborate but just TRUST US ON THIS.

Hindy Weber Tantoco or Mitzi Q for the Bridal Gown

As you would already know by now, I am very biased and partial to my own wedding gown designer. Just meet her, let her sketch for you, then decide. It won't kill you. If you are on a budget--then try to reason with her. If your gown doesn't need that much elaborate detailing, I'm sure she'll be more than willing to give you a good price. (Click here for related article)

Now if you don't want any surprises, then just get a fabulous off-the-rack gown from Mitzi Q. It may be off-the-rack but it is still couture quality. (Click here for related article)

Gown by Mitzi Q
Photo by Mark Cantalejo

Head Pieces by Bonsai Fojas
Photo by Arnold Camacho
Bonsai Fojas for the Entourage

To further help you save on costs, I suggest you just allow the entourage to wear their own outfits. Instead, as mentioned above you can either style them with locally made shell accessories, or you can have head pieces made for your entourage instead. This is cheaper than having dresses made, plus it's different, and it's super duper fab! (Click here for related article)

Now if you really would much rather have entourage dresses made, then I would suggest, buying your own fabrics and just giving this to your entourage so they can have their own dresses made. this is also cheaper for you, and it will give them their own freedom to wear what they want--you can just provide them with a look book.

Calamansi Muffins from Real Coffee
Photo by Mango Red
Real Coffee instead of the Cake

I completely agree with you if you don't want to have a cake. A Boracay trip is never complete without a trip to Real Coffee to try the Calamansi Muffins. I would suggest serving this instead of having a Cake. SIMPLY DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE GIVING YOU A HARD TIME ON THIS. It's Boracay! As mentioned, let the island guide you.

From Pom Pom Pens...

To Pom Pom Bouquets!

Alternative Bouquet instead of Flowers

Again, I completely support you if you don't want a bridal floral bouquet. If you haven't read our feature on this yet, visit the link (Click here for related article). I also have this new idea which inspired me because of Taylor's kikay pen. What if you create a bouquet out of pom pom pens? It's super cute!

I hope our suggestions were of help to you, Peewee. Let us know how your wedding is panning out. And just email us for anything!

Do you have more suggestions for Peewee? Comment away! :)



  1. -via gmail-

    Dear Mica & Kai,

    You girls are really heaven sent! You just don't know how thankful we are right now for all the advices and tips you have given us for our big day. My fiance and I are both touched and overwhelmed with the blog post you have made. You have enlightened us so much with all the ideas.

    That's it for now. Thank you again for everything! :)


  2. Overwhelmed is an understatement, you girls are the BEST! :)

    Mica, Thank you for finding time to reply. I know you've been busy with your wedding preps but you still find to give advices on this :)

    Kai, you're blog is an answered prayer :) it truly enlightened us :) THANK YOU!


  3. Hi Peewee!

    No prob! I really admire your bravery in carrying out the plans you really want. Go for gold!


  4. -via facebook-

    awww great job rebellious brides!

  5. -via twitter-

    just read the blog :) luveeet!

  6. -via gmail-

    Mica and Kai,

    First of all, Congratulations Mica on your wedding. I love all the details. It is truly inspiring.:)

    I would like to thank both of you for the blog post you made regarding our wedding preparations. We did followed your advise regarding the wedding coordinator. Since Amanda's no longer available, we approached Teena instead.(with the help of a few of our friends too) And we couldn't be any happier with our decision having her and her team on board.

    I hope you continue to inspire more brides. You girls are heaven sent. More power!

    Peewee Abesamis