Rebellious Idea - Glee Wedding

How cute and fun is a Glee-inspired wedding? 

The Glee Wedding episode is one of my all-time favorites and it super made me cry! This is perfect for Rebellious Brides (and Rebellious Grooms) who are: 

a) bonded by your common love for music--heck maybe you guys met in a choir, an actual glee club or dance club! or maybe 

b) you are high school sweethearts or wish you were back in high school!

c) or simply put, you love the show Glee and you are simply inspired by it! --and then of course maybe it's all of the above? 

Whatever it is, a Glee themed wedding is a LOT of fun! In fact in our own wedding, we had a little hint of Glee because I actually walked down the aisle to the tune of Glee's Somebody to Love! Imagine your wedding, filled with dances and songs, high school cliches, slushees, and loser photo sessions and you've got one Gleeky wedding! So let's start! :)


L-R: Lea Michel in Gucci, Star Headpiece from

The Bride as Rachel Berry

Naturally, the Bride has to be the star of Glee--no other than Rachel Berry! Rachel Berry's got big dreams. She knows she's a star---in fact her signature always comes with a star! According to her, it's her very own trademark! Rachel wants to be the attention and someday she wants to walk the red carpet and perhaps win a Tony. So what better way to interpret all these in a superstar gown similar to Lea Michel's photo shoot where she donned a fabulous Gucci gown. Finish this look with a star headpiece--for the star of the show, of course!


The Groom as Finn

Also very naturally, the groom has to be no other than boy-next-door, singing jock, heartthrob Finn. It would be super awesome if the groom could be in a Jersey/Varsity Jacket instead of a suit! But if you don't think this is up your alley, Finn cleans up well in a suit too. But our vote is a Jersey! Hail to the Rebellious Groom who can pull off a Varsity Jacket!

L-R: Little Cheerleader from and the Mini Warbler

Imagine the Mothers in Sue's Adidas Gown
and the Dads in Coach get-ups! The Principal Sponsors can be
in similar attires or as Teachers! :)

The Entourage as the Glee Cast and High School Cliches

Imagine the flower girl in a cheerleader attire, the ring bearer as a mini Warbler, the oldies as coaches in track suits, and the ladies and gents in High School Cliches such as the Bad Boys, the Nerds, the Queen Bees, and you've got one super creative and very F-U-N wedding!

High School Cliches for the Ladies & Gents of your Entourage
L-R: James Dean, Gossip Girl's Blair & Serena
The Geeks taken from:

The High School Reception

There's nowhere else to execute this wedding but in a high school auditorium/gymnasium my dears. Think basketball courts, bleachers, the couple's initials as the mock-up school emblem in flags and letterheads, lockers, blackboards, and so many other cool props to incorporate! Whether it would be in your very own high school where you grew up in, or simply scouting and reserving for the country's coolest school auditorium, aim for it, fight for it, and execute it and wow, invite us please to your wedding! Hehe :)

L-R: Slushie from, Glee official cast photo

The Gleeked Out Details

Imagine spiked slushees for your cocktails, a "loser" photo session with your guests (in replace of the photo booth) and lots and lots of singing (perhaps you can even get a pep squad to perform?) the possibilities are quite endless!


Since this is a Glee wedding, it's all about the music! And here are our suggestions :)

The Entourage/Bridal March - Of course, there's no other way to do it! It simply has to be the same exact execution during the Glee/Wedding episode, Marry You! :)

The Couple's Dance - I know this gives off a lesbo vibe, but take that out and listen to this beautiful song. It's really meant for the couple's dance.

The Gaga Video - Instead of a Bridal Shower, I suggest instead to have the girls create a Gaga video to be shown during the reception and do a bad ass rendition of Glee's Bad Romance!

The Mash-Up by the Boys - Nothing beats having the boys of the entourage serenade the girls during the reception with this number! Ditch the games and do this instead!

The Entertainment - Hire a real-life high school glee club and have them perform your favorite songs!

I would have to say, Mango Red. For the simple reason that I have already seen them do a similar prenup execution, and now I'd like to see them take it to the next level

This is just a teaser of how we can conceptualize a Glee inspired wedding for you. If you are interested to avail of Wedding Consultancy Services, email us at


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