Rebellious Guests Speak Up!

Photo by J Lucas Reyes
The truth hurts. But someone has to speak up! We have all been wedding guests one way or another. I am surprised how, as brides, we forget to put ourselves in our guests' shoes. We've asked this question from "wedding guest experts" -- those who have been to too many weddings to last them a lifetime and we asked them this one question: "What did you want to tell the bride/groom but you were too nice to tell it to their face?"

Please don't get offended. This is really meant to guide future brides on what not to do anymore. So that we stop the vicious wedding cycle. We don't mean to start a bashing fest. But rather, just giving guests their own time to speak up when it comes to weddings, so that we can also improve on what needs to be improved on.

Of course, due to the very nature of the question, the real identities of these rebellious guests will not be revealed.

Well, as a gay person, ang pet peeve ko sa wedding is yung palagi pinapapunta ang mga single guys sa stage, at dapat kasama ako doon. Diba dapat sa single gals ako? Lolz. Dapat, may games for single guys, girls & gays, or kasama na lang yung gays sa girls, hehe. Super hassle din kung ang church wedding ay sa Batangas at ang reception ay sa Makati - ipag travel ba ng super layo in a day? At ang theme colors na di angkop sa Asian skin. At yung seating arrangement na required to sit with people you don't know. E naka-stress kaya yun. At ang super early weddings, like 7am, tapos out of town pa. Ang wedding registry na mas mahal pa sa 3 months salary ang cost ng goods - eh kung siya na lang kaya mag work ng work ko to earn that money, lolz. At lastly, ang reception na naubusan ng food at drinks - cheapness! Lolz. (from Posh Spice)
Can we eat before the program begins? We'll listen and pay attention naman while we eat. You can do whatever you want with your wedding. It's your wedding after all. Pakaiinin niyo lang kami ng tama. (from Mr. Tomguts)

I was a bridesmaid for 3 consecutive weddings, 1-2 months apart and I wore the same dress color in those 3 weddings! Those were weddings of 3 close friends.Ewan ko ba uso kase nung year na yun na ang color theme is always orange! Nakakatawa lang kase when I was looking at old pics, na-realize ko pare-pareho ng kulay yun gowns ko! I ended up having 3 orange gowns! Of course pinili ng bride yung color na yun at close friends ko sila so dedma na lang! Pero kailangan ba talaga pare-pareho ang mga color motif? Pwede namang maging mas original diba? (from Litte Miss Oranged)

Ever wonder why some of your guests go straight to the reception and don't go to the ceremony? It's hot. It's uncomfortable. (from Mr. Pawisin)
The traditional "whoever got the garter for the guys & flowers for the girls will have the customary isusuot ng guy yun garter sa girl!" Kainis yun,nag walk-out ever ako when I got the flower and learned that I have to do that! That was the wedding of one of my cousins and ok lang sana kung cute yung guy noh, pero haler, di sha cute at super excited pa si Mokong! At sabay sabi pa na dapat pati daw kame mag kiss?! Oo, kiss sa pader gusto mo or kiss sa palad ko na sasampal sa yo! Hahaha (from Little Miss Walk-Out)

Annoying games! especially when they call all the single ones! Why can't we have games that just involve everyone para maiba at mas masaya? And if you MUST do it, why stick to the traditional games like pulling the stocking off the girls leg etc. be more original please. We're sick of the usual games! (from Mr. Game Over)

Yung pictorial after the ceremony and when they ask you to have a photo op with the couple before going to the buffet area. Alam ko wedding niyo pero please naman. Sobrang nakakasawa na! Please spice it up a bit! Also, hindi naman siguro kami patay gutom para mag roll-call for the buffet. There must be a classier way of doing this! (from Little Miss Pictorial)
I have been to sooooo many weddings. Bored na bored na bored na bored na ako!!! Pag ako talaga kinasal--papalitan ko lahat!  (from Little Mr. Bored)

It's a wedding not a kiddie party. Period. If you really want to have games, then just ask the kids to participate. Who in their right mind would even think that it's fun to put the guests on the spot to participate in some game? Pinag dress code na kami, bumili na kami ng gift niyo, we celebrate your union to the point of fanaticism, tapos ipapag games pa kami. Hindi talaga nakakatuwa ang games. PERIOD. (from Little Miss Annoyed)

If I hear "the cutting of the cake symbolizes..." one more time, I'm gonna go berserk on the cake and slice it with a saw! (Little Miss Cake)

Do you want to contribute? As mentioned, this is not meant to be a bashing blog entry. Rather, help future couples make a few changes and improvements based on your valuable inputs. Please put things in perspective, and please write anonymously :)

Kai :)


  1. I agree with the motif part. Marami pang ibang kulay sa mundo! Check out the Crayola 64's. There are endless possibilities.

  2. Dont expect people to go to your wedding if it's out-of-town. Masyadong magastos for them to spend for gas, etc. plus accommodations pa. Time to be practical! I know Tagaytay is so "in" until now, but seriously, it's such a hassle especially if you don't have a car. You have to rent or look for someone na masasabayan.

  3. I think you should make a blog entry about how guests should act as well. Sometimes they act that they are the brides and grooms. Marami ring guests na pa-importante!

  4. Hi Anonymous #3

    That's a great idea! And I TOTALLY agree with you! We'll keep that in mind for future blog ideas :)


  5. I have been a bridesmaid for about 8 times. Out of the 8 times, I've only had 3 decent gowns. Sometimes it's hard to tell your friend that it's butt ugly, because she's nice and she's paying for it. I know the point is that the bride should shine at her wedding, but let's not forego good taste. I suggest that the bride should consider if she would wear her bridesmaids' gowns herself. (from Always the Bridesmaid)

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  7. i completely agree about games!! after I got married, I was so happy because this meant I won't get called out to play. Either that or we'll conveniently do a restroom trip :p goes without saying, we didn't have games at our wedding. no way were we gonna torture people!

    i agree about the anonymous 3's suggestion about how guests should act too hahaha :)

  8. i don't know how to react if i heard these rants on my wedding itself LOL. Nice entry :D