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Rebellious EXCLUSIVE! - The Making of a Rebellious Wedding

M is for Marriage by MangoRed
First of all, I'd like to thank fellow RB Kai for holding the fort while I was busy with all the wedding preps. She has also been very supportive of me, posting the awesomest blogs about our wedding day.

So now...I'm back to blogging! I'm quite rusty, but here goes: 

M is for Musings (a.k.a. muni-muni)

It's been a full week and more since our wedding but I can’t seem to stop looking at all the photos posted in Facebook (pics from our fam & friends look amazing already). On our first night as a couple, I even had to watch our on-site video before I slept just to make sure that that day was real.

It’s true what they say that it will be a memorable day but it will be super fast as well. So relish every minute of it and have as much fun as you can. At least, that’s what we did.

So far, our family and friends have told us how much they enjoyed the wedding. One friend even said that it was the “funnest purplest party disguised as a wedding.” We think that about describes it in a gist. Our wedding had some usual elements but we made sure they had some twists & turns or stamped all over with our personalities.

What makes our wedding a Rebellious Wedding?  

My Male of (dis)Honor said his favorite part was the wedding tradition in 60 sec (we cut the cake, danced and drank wine as fast as we could). Others said they loved doodling icing on the cake. The flash mob, of course, was a hit! And some guests even seemed to feel extra confident singing the BACKTRACkeoke (songs from the 80s and 90s) after a couple of served zero beers and scotch. 

But apart from these, we were happy to be the first couple ever to have a wedding in the Playground of Ronac ArtCenter. It was a challenge but we pulled through and the place was such a nice backdrop for fun shots! 
I probably should blog separately about the other elements (will be working on those) or esle I'll blab on and on. For now, we’ll let this blog be our thank you blog as well.

Roll Credits:

Flashcard invite by Raizel Go, Fozzybook and Creative Two
Makeup by the Bride
Bridal hairstyling by Vianney Guese
Marc’s suit by Mango Red’s suking suit-maker!
Bridal Gown by Sassa Jimenez
Headpieces by Bonne
Entourage gowns by Mel Orlina and (Infinity dresses) Gretchen Pichay
Bouquet by my entourage and completed by Michael Badang Rueda
Event Styling by Gina Galang of Royal Flower Shoppe
DIY elements by the girls in my life!
Event Coordination by Mae Villanueva
Food by Manila Catering
Cake by Joy San Gabriel
Mobile Bar by Quench
Photobooth by FotoLoco
Videography by Wang and ValveOn Studios
Photography by Mango Red

Much thanks to my Wedding Essentials family
(parang birthday ko lang sa A.S.A.P.!)

I hope we didn’t miss anyone. Will backtrack on my next blog and show you a video of Marc’s proposal. 

That’s it or now, plus some teaser photos from the crazy boys of Mango Red: 


--Mica Tuaño-Fuentes (new name!)


  1. Syempre hindi ko daw alam na kasama kame sa group pictorial. Sigh. Missing in action! Cool photo though :)

  2. Awww...don't worry, we have shots naman sa Trilogy ;)


  3. -via facebook-

    Congratulations Mica!! :)

  4. -via facebook-

    Ang cute lang sobra... sinu nagmakeup syo GANDA lang!!! ;) Best Wishes!

  5. -via facebook-

    Beautiful mica! Beautiful wedding! Ang saya-saya! Happy for you!

  6. could I get the contact number of the suit maker? Thanks:)

  7. Ang cute! :) Congrats again Mica! :)

  8. Hi Mica. I've been following this blog for a while now, and after finding Manila Catering at a bridal fair yesterday, I remembered that you got them as your caterer for your wedding.

    I tried to find reviews about them but I can't find anything. The most recent that someone talked about them that I found was still in 2009. Would it be okay to ask for your feedback regarding their food and service? :)