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Photos by Joey Boquiren and Rene Gaviola 
A rebellious bride makes her wedding PERSONALIZED. You make your wedding memories based on WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT YOU NEED & WHAT APPEALS TO YOU and not based on the TYPICAL or TRADITIONAL WEDDING or based on what other people dictates. YOUR WEDDING - YOUR RULES! A rebellious bride keeps changing her mind until she gets what she thinks is perfect for her wedding :)A rebellious bride squeezes ALL her creative juices to think what is PERFECT FOR HER REBELLIOUS WEDDING :)

Tin Medina - Chin on her Definition of a Rebellious Bride

What makes Tin a Rebellious Bride apart from the fact that she had a pink petticoat, a rhinestone bouquet, a "revised entourage" according to her own rules, non-color coded entourage gowns, and ala ASAP reception? If you haven't already put two and two together, she is also the same "maker" of the awesome Tanan Prenup and Artistahin Prenup rebellious ideas! We've been waiting for this wedding feature for so long now so finally, we are happy to present to you Rebellious Bride Tin's Manila-themed wedding!

Rebellious Brides: There were a lot of very creative details of your wedding! -- care to share back stories on why you decided to do these things and are there more details of your wedding that are of the "rebellious" kind? :)

Tin:  My Gown 

- I wanted something pink for my gown so I had a pink petticoat. Super great for shots when we have to show our shoes (which our photographer liked to do a lot!) and also I like the fact that there is a pop of color every time I lift up my skirt to walk better.

My Bouquet

- I'm super proud of this because I did it all by myself! I balked at the price of imported flowers (5k for a bouquet of peonies that were just going to wilt the next day) and I did not like the idea of preserving the flowers. After researching, I learned about brooch bouquets in the US using vintage enamel brooches from the 60's. I super loved the idea and I can set it aside for display after (no wilting!!!!). I started searching for brooches and opted to go for a rhinestone brooch bouquet instead since I liked things shining, shimmering, splendid.

It was a work in progress, I had to do it over about 3 times before I got it right. I also showed it to my bridal gown and entourage designer and they super loved the idea! We had to keep some details of my gown at a minimum so it won't compete with my bouquet.

Our Entourage 

- I didn't have bridesmaids, I just had secondary sponsors who are all part of our immediate family. They also wore different colored gowns. We thought, like Carrie's wedding at SATC, different colors, different designs but when you put them together, they looked pretty. Good thing our entourage designer got what we wanted to do.

I had an Honor Attendant, my best friend from High School who happened to be male, stood by my side. He was super awesome because he checked in the hotel with me the day before the wedding. He organized my shower party. And best of all he got to walk down the aisle!

The Theme - Our theme was Manila. We are both from Cavite but we fell in love when we were studying at Manila. We thought why would we pick out themes from other places (Morocco, Paris, Vegas) when we have never been there and we really wanted people to realize that Manila is a beautiful place with its own charm even today. Most of our guests came from Manila or go to Manila to shop at the malls but we wanted to show them really awesome places in Manila.

We gave flags that said "Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal" during our exit from the church and placed standees on reception tables about cool things to do in Manila like Sampaguita Ice Cream at Illustrado and Wok this Way tours along Ongpin

We had Manila as our stage backdrop, we had a graphic artist make vectors for us based on famous Manila landmarks and used this for our invitation, photobooth backdrop and photobooth layout. We placed silly bands from Bench that featured Pinoy stuff like lechon, Ninoy glasses, a thumbs up sign, Pacquiao boxing gloves. Our gifts for the priest and the principal sponsors were bought from Team Manila. Our cake featured Manila buildings and Roxas Blvd. Baywalk and the best part of it all was that it lit up!!!

Our Entrance 

- Manila won't be Manila if there wasn't any showbiz chika so to start things up we did a production number (ala ASAP) as we entered our reception. We did a mashup of Time of My Life and Dirrty Bit, we sang at the start then went into the newer version for a modern dance and then ended with the original Time of My Life for a more traditional dance and ended with a bang by singing the last few lines of the song with the band. 

It was soooooo aweeeesome. People were clapping and cheering, feeling namim nag concert kami sa Araneta. It also set the tone for the night that it was going to be a fun wedding and that anyone can sing and dance. Middle of the program we showed our Artistahin Prenup Video so people we laughing, shouting and clapping with each scene that unfolded. More than half of the guests stayed behind to dance and to drink (local beers of course!) and it was not only the younger guests who stayed even the parent's friends also stayed behind, it was exactly what we wanted. A couple of guests grabbed the mic and sang and rapped with the band, it was that crazy.

RB: Since there were a lot of "non-traditional" aspects of your wedding, what were the challenges that you had to face while planning and how did you overcome it?

Tin: I think the most difficult part about having a non-traditional wedding was because we couldn't show any pegs ---we were that original. We tell people what we wanted, we had a general idea about what we want and there were times when they "got" it and there were times when they didn't and we were back to square one. So it was important that you can communicate well with your suppliers so that you are at the same page.

RB: Any shout-outs to the awesome people/suppliers who made your creative wedding possible?

Tin: All our suppliers are awesome! But those worth mentioning and are related to this post are:

Cecilio Abad for my Gown and for the creative input for my bouquet.

Boy Kastner Santos for the Entourage Gowns and Suits

Queen David of Just Like Ours for coordinating everything

Sensitivity for the stage and backdrop.

Team Manila
Compozed band for making the song arrangement for our entrance number

Madz Madaje for the vectors 

WINK and PartyPics for customizing the design and the final printed output

Shortcrust by Peachy Juban for the cake

Wang Videography

Joey Boquiren and Rene Gaviola for the photos!

HMUA Val Villarin

Flowers - Go for Flowers

RB: What can you advice to brides who may be having second thoughts about planning a "creative" wedding?

Tin: Pick your battles. I wanted to incorporate more of the color black into our wedding but we had violent reactions from the mothers and we decided that it won't detract too much from the theme if we didn't use black as much. However, we were sure about all the other details that were non negotiable to us so we definitely stood our ground on those details.

Also get suppliers who are have good track records, are easy to talk to and easy to contact. It was so easy to trust our suppliers because we forged a friendly working relationship with them and we could easily contact them when we needed to make adjustments. They pushed through with our plans and exceeded all our expectations.

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