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Fozzy for Heima
A rebellious bride knows what she wants. She is an air of character and confidence. She will plan and pay attention to even the smallest detail; and will find a way to inject personality into it no matter how minute (or grand). Her guests will say, "that's a great idea" or "I wouldn't have thought of that." And they wouldn't want the wedding to end.

Fozzy Castro-Dayrit on her definition of the Rebellious Bride

Who would have thought that even the calligraphy in your invitations can have so much spunk and personality? Fozzy Dayrit, of The Fozzy Book does just that. Her beautiful handwriting is so inspired and so artistic that her calligraphy goes beyond just invitations. This is exactly why we've included Fozzy in our group of Rebellious Bunch---because she's given calligraphy, inspired rebellious depth.

Here are some rebellious suggestions that would put so much more value into your calligraphy:

What's in a name?

 Fozzy puts so much love and detail into every single name she writes in an invitation. So much so that it deserves "extra mileage" apart from the invitations, don't you agree? So I would suggest using it creatively in some of your other wedding details. Scan every envelope and use it as escort cards and table name plates. You can even give your guests a CD copy of their stylized name! It's different and so much more special!

Alternative Calligraphy

How about creating personalized post cards with Fozzy's calligraphy as your souvenir?

Fozzy's calligraphy is now famous because of Heima!
Do you love Fozzy's calligraphy but you don't plan on having calligraphy for your invitations? Then find other ways to incorporate it in your wedding! How about having Fozzy create a calligraphy artwork for you instead? Then make it into your souvenir such as postcards, notepads, or a canvas bag? Take a cue from Heima! They commissioned Fozzy to "write" for them so now, Fozzy's work is seen in Heima's posters and even in their very own logo! It's different and makes for so much more useful souvenirs!

How about giving away posters?

Take a cue from Fozzy's collaboration with Heima and commission her to create an artwork for your wedding souvenir!

Logos with Love

Inspired by her own wedding, Fozzy decided to venture into creating personalized monograms for couples as well. The beauty of this is you can practically use it in all of your wedding materials--from invites, to backdrops, to albums, and even after your wedding you can use it in your calling cards, note cards, even for your personalized home decors (ie. personalized table napkins, his and hers towels, etc). The possibilities are endless! 

Fozzy Dayrit, photo by Nelwin Uy
The Fozzy Book. Inspired Rebellious Calligraphy, for the Rebellious Bride. 

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