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Rebellious Bride Mica

And just. like. that. After less than 7 months of wedding planning, Rebellious Bride Mica is now Mrs. Fuentes! 

The wedding was just as we expected it to be and so much MORE. Mica's groom (and now husband--hyessss!) wanted everything to be a surprise. We didn't know where the venue was going to be 'till the invitations were released a month before the wedding. But we knew well enough that it was going to be rebellious, super fun, and Little Rascals themed. 

Mica and Marc's wedding brimmed with sooooo many thoughtful, DIY, rebellious, creative, and happy details. In the next few days to come, we will be releasing exclusive raw clips from the wedding! I won't bug Mica just yet--but hopefully, when she's got the time, we can share with you the AWESOME videos that were shown during the wedding which included: Marc's uber uber uber sweeeeet and rebellious proposal, their equally rebellious prenup video by Ian Cruz, and their surprise Same Day Edit by Wang. And we hope that before the month ends, we can also have the first look at the highly anticipated Mango Red photos of the wedding! 

In the meantime, here are some photos I took from my iPod touch, using the Instagram, Hipstamatic, and Lomo apps. Enjoy!

M is for Mica and Marc sitting in a tree! 

Our Rebellious Bride wore an equally rebellious gorgeous gown by Sassa Jimenez, if a ballerina ever had a non-traditional wedding gown, this would be it! 

Mica's wedding was riddled with rebellious details --but her purple detachable wedding train/petticoat  was my favorite ever!!! -- My second favorite detail from Mica's rebellious gown was the secret pockets where Mica hid her vows and her emergency tissue! GREAT IDEA!

Mica & Marc's wedding was delightfully DIY from head to foot, left and right, top to bottom, inside and out! 

Mica was a beautiful and purpley bride 
courtesy of her own make-up prowess! 

"Manong" and "Manang" have been together for four years. Through the ups and downs, they have managed to 
breeze through every trial by calling their relationship 
as "FUN FUN LANG", saying 
"OLIVE JUICE" instead of I Love You, and 
holding pa ;)

This Rebellious Bride defied every wedding tradition by "rebelliously improving the rules".

For instance, instead of the usual hotel wedding preps with the family and the friends, Mica decided to spend the last hours of her single life in the sanctuary of her own condo, doing her own make-up, and walking along the peaceful streets of Makati with her photog (Mango Red) and videog (Wang). 

The bridesmaids and the family had their preps on their own. One of Mica's bridesmaids, Nina and I, decided to hang out near Mica's condo so we can drop by to say Hi. 

My husband and I had the honor of being the candle/secondary sponsors. Mica had a multi-way purple gown made for me by designer Gretchen Pichay. I SUPER LOVE my gown and I can't wait to go to another event just so I can wear
it again! Here's another rebellious idea from the Bride! Gretchen Pichay made playful bracelet bags to match our ballerina-inspired gowns. The bags had DIY-inspired looking fabric flowers so there was no need for bouquets! LOVE this idea!  For our hair and make-up, Mica gave us pegs for the entourage "look" which I showed to the make-up artist who did my make-up.  I just had my hair and make-up done, conveniently at the ground floor of our condo at David's Salon Eastwood for 1,000 bucks!

Good job David's Salon! 

Mica was super CHILL during her wedding preps. In fact, when Nina and I decided to have lunch at Trilogy--- a few steps away from Mica's condo...she gamely went with us to have a spur-of-the-moment photo session with Mango Red!

Left: Mica's super beautiful Darla-look-a-like niece, Bindi, posing with 
Mica's awesome mom, Tita Grace.

Right: One of Mica's bridesmaids Nina Cuenca and her hubby Mikki Cuenca

Left: One of our closest friends from our "lipstick club", Anna Antonino who was the commentator during the ceremony, wore a Rajo piece 
from his ballet-inspired collection

Right: The rest of Mica's bridesmaids in their super beautiful ballerina chic, multi-way gowns also designed by Gretchen Pichay. Bonsai Fojas of Bonne, made matching ballerina headbands to complete their look.

The ceremony was "FUN FUN LANG" but there were tear-jerker moments like Mica's walk down the aisle and Marc's vows---yes my dears, the groom teared up! Awww......

The Rebellious Bride is modeling her purpley head piece made by Bonsai Fojas of Bonne, her own make-up, her purple nail polish, and her quirky felt bouquet (purple of course).

Mica's felt bouquet was literally a labor of LOVE. Each felt flower was hand made by Mica's sisters, entourage, and was personally leaded by Bonsai Fojas herself. When the felt flowers were completed, Mica then turned it over to wedding stylist Badang Rueda to make it into a bouquet. 

The Rebellious Groom FINALLY found his perfect Alfalfa-inspired bow tie from Singapore! O-TAY! :)

The church had the shortest wedding aisle I have ever seen
--but it was witness to one of the most memorable weddings ever. 

Marc of Mango Red in action--complete with sneakers and a bow tie!

The boys of the entourage were given felt boutonnieres, and neck ties that were personally made by Mica's mom

To "commemorate" this very purpley wedding, my "candle partner"/hubby wore a purple plaid polo!

Left: Another angle of Mica's felt bouquet
Right: Tutu skirt made by Bonsai Fojas of Bonne for Ms. Tuesday Vargas

Both the entourage and the guests really embraced the dress code! Everyone looked so chic in their ballerina-inspired outfits! 
Move over royal wedding! 

After 7 months, the secret venue was finally revealed!
 Mica & Marc's reception venue was absolutely

One of the coolest and chic playgrounds I have ever seen, 
Mica & Marc's rebellious reception was done at the
third floor of Ronac Art Center's basketball court called The Playground. 

Instead of the usual guest book, an album of Mica & Marc's Mango Red prenup photos were put on the registration table where guests could doodle on the album and write thought bubbles! 

Instead of the usual photo booth, Mica & Marc's photo booth backdrop was another DIY labor of love--this time, it was decked with quirky purple & turquoise paper flowers 

Mica & Marc's rebellious registration table was so delightful! There were DIY picture frames, chalks, cute sipits, and other scrapbook/DIY materials scattered everywhere. Upon approaching the table, the coordinators would ask for your name, and tell you which table you were assigned to--our table was Little Rascals-inspired and was called "The Go Kart Table"--then they will instruct you to either make a DIY message for the couple or grab some of the materials to take home as souvenirs! 

True to the Little Rascals theme, the cocktail area had
white crates and fences! 

Even the cake was DIY!!!
Mica & Marc opted for a plain white fondant carrot cake
 guests could contribute to the cake's design by doodling on it! 

Since Little Rascals don't know how to spell yet,
I made a mistake on the cake! Hahahah :)

The basketball court was turned into this fun hall, with four long tables with 150 guests

This is by far one of the most awesome reception venues I have ever seen! 

DIY frames were scattered everywhere and could be taken home as souvenirs! 

The table name plates were written like doodles a'la Little Rascals.
I just had to keep ours as decors for our condo!

 From purple ballet flats to chunky turquoise rings, entourage gifts were personal and just as quirky and fun.

These purple and turquoise cake lollipops
were soooooo yummy and fun! 

HOORAY to one of the most creative, fun fun, rebellious weddings EVER! 

Congratulations to one of our closest couple friends Mica & Marc! We love you! 

This is just a basic "sampler" of the wedding folks! Mica & Marc's wedding is just filled with so many brilliant rebellious ideas! From a WEDDING FLASH MOB to WEDDING TRADITIONS GONE IN 60 SECONDS, you will definitely learn soooo many new ideas from their wedding so watch out for more blog entries on this from Rebellious Bride Mica herself! :)

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  1. -via facebook-

    Congrats mica! I enjoyed reading the blog. Its looks super uber fun wedding. Welcome to the married life!

  2. -via facebook-

    ‎!ooohooo! congratulations Marc and Mica :) I think it's fantastic that you had DIY sessions with your girlfriends. I felt so proud of us girls when I saw all our efforts put together :) Enjoy marital bliss :)

  3. Rebellious wedding indeed...awesome details! Beautiful bride:)

  4. Oh my gosh what a unique and creative wedding! Congrats Mica! (Alam na ba ni Marbee ito? (: ) I'll make sure to blog about this. Congrats to you and Kai on this website too! What you girls are doing is awesome, kailangan ng local industry ng ganito. (: ~ Cynthia A.

  5. Thanks, everyone! We sure had fun organizing our wedding :)

    Hey, Cynthia! Alam na ni Marbee! Sayang nga they were in the US e and didn't make it. But I think we're featured in WE for the Jan issue ;) Thanks for leaving a comment ha. We try our best to showcase the creative side of wedding to inspire others. The possibilities are endless kase! Di naman kailangan hotel weddings parati. Will look forward to your blog ha! Thanks again!


  6. hi mica! OMG I so love your wedding :) I'm a purple girl also & a trying hard craft chick. :) I would like to know how did you make the felt flowers, you have patters? did you hand sew them or what did you use? For the venue, did you hire someone to arrange it? Many thanks. :)

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Sorry for the late reply :D Thanks and I'm happy that you love purple as well! For the felt flowers, my friend Bonsai of Bonne made the pattern. Then I enslaved, er, I meant asked my entourage (haha) to help hand sew everything. Then Badang Rueda gathered all the flowers to make into a bouquet. As for the venue, Marc and I did the arrangement ourselves :)