Rebellious Style: Hair Down

Photo by Ian Santillan

I'm not saying you have to put your hair down to be rebellious. There are ways an updo can look non-trad but I really am more partial to cascading hair. It just looks so...carefree!

But trust me, a lot of people will warn you that having your hair down is NOT classic and they would rather you choose an updo like a bun (as in ho-hum Ms. Tapya bun). If you really feel it in your heart that you're not the bun kind of girl, then stand your ground and tell your stylist you want your hair down.

There is a downside. If it's windy and you choose to have curls, it will loosen up eventually. If there's humidity, your hair will rebel as well. So the trick is to make sure you are ready for this. Choose the right style and products to use very well.

I had my hair down and asked stylist Vianney Guese to make tight, big curls because it will straighten eventually. He clipped my hair at the back so it won't go to my face but I didn't have hang-ups about my hair looking windblown or a little messy. My only deal was to have A LOT of hair. Thank you extensions!
My hair pre-wedding.

My hair (longer now!) post-wedding after around five hours.

Here are some photos I've collected in my quest to let my hair down:
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Secure your hair by using a pretty headpiece.

Details like these still can be done even if your hair is down.

DIY hairstyling

Add a braid for a Boho chic look

Soft waves parted at the middle will look sweet and innocent

Sweep your hair to side for a glamorous effect.

Even short hair put down can look amazing.

Straight hair looks great as well, add height on top for sophistication.

Keep your hair down but add volume.

Not for the weak of heart! Hehe.
And here are some of my brides who chose to let their hair down :)

Do you any of any other brides who walked down the aisle with cascading windblown hair? Share them with us!

For now, I leave you with this song for your hairstyling inspiration:

Just go ahead, let your hair down :)

Yours in beauty & love,



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