Rebellious Bride: Claude

I blame Facebook. Nowadays, taking a photo requires some level of modeling for that ever-changing profile picture you love to upload. Wedding pictures are no strangers to the profile photo status. And so, the inner mowdel in you is unleashed for all your 500+ friends to see. But what if you're really not the type to pose? to emote? Then don't be stressed. All you have to be, during your wedding day pictorial, is YOU. So drop the act and that Zoolander pout if it's so not you.

Take for example, rebellious bride Claude. She's an art director who has an inner child wonder (and some kiddie anger) that showed in her wedding photos. They're just so refreshing to look at!

"Hindi ko keri um-emote sa pader," says Claude.

Claude bravely wore smokey makeup for their day wedding.
Spunky bride with fellow RB Hazel.
'Wag tularan ang pouty makeup artist.

Loving Claude's veil with doodle-y details.

Young love, sweet love...Claude & Dexter.

How to cut cake with an attitude

Start marriage by hitting your husband with your bouquet.

RB Claude wore a black birdcage veil.

A rebellious B&W wedding.

Jedi Bride

I so love their STD and it was so very them :)

A rebellious & well-designed B&W/Silhouette wedding

You can be rebellious in more ways than one. Yes, even in the way you pose. After all, the best photos are those that mirror the real you.

Yours in beauty & love,


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