The Rebellious Ms. Independent Bride

The tabloid-ish headline doesn't quite give this story justice.  

When my good friend Bon shared me this link, my initial thought bubble upon reading the headline was--uh-oh a shotgun wedding. But it's actually not. Essentially it is about a rebellious bride who took  matters in her own hands--her boyfriend kept asking her to marry, but she independently wanted to do it in her own time. 

Guys are also always the one to be pressured to make the whole hullabaloo about surprises--so this rebellious bride also made sure it was her that will create the surprise herself. Cheri Butler (now Shoemark) told her boyfriend they were going on a picnic. What it really was, was a picnic wedding with 40 of their closest family and friends. 

Other awesome details of this rebellious wedding is that the bride wore a black gown, and the groom was "stitched" to his black/white outfit. This will definitely be one for the books. To read the full article, click HERE :)

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