From the Blues to the Reds

Red boxes from MangoRed. Toy sold separately.
Today, I am starting to feel the holiday season :) Finally!

My husband Marc and I visited fellow rebellious bride Kai last night because her husband, Cy, got injured and has to be in bed for some time (Be well!). On their foyer, I saw that they mixed their MangoRed boxes with some candy canes and other holiday displays (I wish I took a photo!). So that inspired me to share with you our rebellious boxes from MangoRed and announce that I'm putting my head up high and saying goodbye to the blues!

So, you see, I have been sulking on and off for a while. Because we were pregnant and it did not push through. Naturally, I was relegated to the bed and felt really blue. But we're young (at hearts), there's nothing wrong with both of us according to the doctors and I guess, it's just not yet time, and so a lot of hope is in our hearts. 

Aside from hope, love is very much present. Circumstances like this cemented a stronger bond with my husband. 

And because I am feeling quite cheerful and loved, I'm doing a flashback of our rebellious wedding. Thanks to MangoRed's little red boxes of love :)

Our Ronac Center wedding :)
I love my Sassa Jimenez gown :)

  Some of our lovely friends :)

Ambisyosang singer!

60 sec of tradition :)

Little Rascals :)

Little Rascal rin.

Love you, Marc Fu!
Do you have these little red boxes, too? Share them with us here at rebellious brides!

Yours in beauty & love,



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