"Gossip Girl" - The Rebellious Brides Version

We just love the tweet tips/pics that we  constantly receive from no less than our very own Philippine wedding visionaries we admire the most! We are flattered that we have somehow become their "top-of-mind" with all things rebellious!

From Rebellious Bunch - Fozzy Dayrit's tip for us to look at Vatel/ETC's works, to Jason Magbanua's constant links on interesting controversial reads, to Teena Barretto and Teddy Manuel tweeting while on-the-job, we are just in awe of how we've become like a "Gossip Girl" community where the most awesome wedding people feel the need to keep us in the loop--so that in turn we may be able to share these things with you. And we vow to do our job! To spread irreverence, one rebellious bride at a time. Follow us on twitter to participate and join in on the fun! --> @RebelliousBride :)



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